Throwback Thursday – AKA – Jamberry is Going to Break the Internet.

It’s Jamberry’s “Throwback Thursday” again – and this time they brought out the big guns!

Throwback Thursday – Candy Chevron and Swiss Dot Powder Blue

TBT Candy Chevron

Fair warning:  Jamberry just may break the internet today at 9AM Mountain Time.  Why?  CANDY. FRIGGIN’. CHEVRON.  This is the design that you need for summer.  Forget all of those other gorgeous designs and lacquers for a few minutes.  Candy Chevron is the cutest pedi you’ll ever give yourself in 10 minutes, the most cheerful manicure you can have on a gloomy day, and chevron nails without a price tag or putting Scotch Tape all over your nails in an epic Pinterest Fail.

Check it:

Candy CHevron Confetti Cake
Candy Chevron with Confetti Cake

And check it out paired with the Kiss Lacquer! (The best hot pink polish you can find!)

Candy Chevron with Kiss Lacquer

Then, not only did they bring out one of my all-time favorite designs for this week’s Throwback Thursday, they also brought out the uber-cute Swiss Dot Blue Powder & (say that five times fast!)

Swiss Blue Dot Poppy

This is the kind of cutesy polka dot that you can actually wear as an adult.  The blue is pretty without being babyish and the poppy polka gives it interest and an unexpected color.  Jamberry at it’s best – and you didn’t have to sit in a spa for hours while someone used a dotting tool at $1 per polka.

Honestly, the first time around for Throwback Thursday, I wasn’t wowed.  Skinny Koi?  Meh.  Aloha?  Meh.

But this week.  THIS WEEK.  I LOVE the designs – and can’t believe they’ll only be available for a few days!!! Be ready – at 9AM Mountain Time, I’ll see you at  I’ll be the one with the shopping cart FULL of Throwback Thursday wraps!

**Act fast!  These designs are only available for a few days!  They disappear from the website again on May 25th!  Gah!!***

WIN Mothers’ Day This Year!

It happens every year.  You want to give your mom something for Mothers’ Day that says “Thank you for giving me life, helping me survive learning how to walk up the stairs, and putting up with my crap during high school, all while still loving me.”

Yeah – few gifts can really express that.  (But go ahead and write that in the card – you have my blessin’.)

But this year.  THIS YEAR IS YOUR YEAR.  You can WIN Mothers’ Day this year.

You don’t even have to make a separate trip to the card store.  And the candy is included….  (Is my husband paying attention???  Or –  is YOUR husband paying attention?  Send ’em my way and I’ll hook you up!)

And she doesn't even have to get a babysitter!
And she doesn’t even have to get a babysitter!

Speaking as a mom of two:  For Mothers’ Day, I want a nap.  And after I take a nap (with earplugs in, thank you), I just want to have someone say, “Hey – Thanks!  This is a really tough job!”.  After that, I want to just sit with my family and feel special.  Done deal.

Luckily, Jamberry has come up with the perfect gift for helping the “mom-figure” in your life feel special.  Enough Jams for her to have a gorgeous NO-CHIP manicure for over three months.  Shyeah.  Take that, $45 gift card to the salon for a one-time hack job!  Not only that, but she gets a bottle of Jamberry’s amazing “Ruby” lacquer, available only with this set.  Top it off with some peppermint taffy, tools for a pampering pedi, and this is a gift for Mom that she can use for MONTHS to feel special, not just on one day!  And the best news for YOU?  It will cost you about half the price you’d be putting up to get a mani/pedi appointment at the salon, not to mention all the extras in the box.

Ruby Rose -5 Mother's Day Gift Set

Plus remember – it comes with a card, all ready for you to write, “Thank you for giving me life, helping me survive learning how to walk up the stairs, and putting up with my crap during high school, all while still loving me.”  And with that, you just won Mothers’ Day.

Get it before your sibling does HERE!! 

Take a Peek at the Mother’s Day Gift Box!!

Want to see what’s inside Jamberry’s Mother’s Day Gift Box?? I love this Ruby & Rose combination – and all of the extras are really sweet (literally) – and just the thing to help a mom feel pampered!

So now I’m extra glad that I ordered one.  For my husband.  To give to me.  #JamAddict.

Want to be Mom’s Favorite?? Treat her to Jamberry’s Mother’s Day Gift Box!  Click here to give her something uniquely luxurious!!

Mothers’ Day – Exclusive Gift Box!

Mother’s Day Gift Sets go on sale TODAY at 11am CST!!!! Don’t miss out, there is a very LIMITED supply!

The Jamberry Creative Team has created three beautiful exclusive wraps for this set that pair perfectly with the exclusive Ruby lacquer. Since our moms make our lives sweeter (mine especially!  Hi Mom!), Jamberry is sweetening the box with a bag of delicious peppermint taffy. There are ONLY 100,000 gift sets available – and for JUST $45 – and look at everything you get for that price!!

Mother's Day Gift Set

Inside the Ruby & Rose gift box, you will find:
-Ruby lacquer
-3 exclusive nail wraps: Rose, Dearest, Delight
-6 ounce bag of peppermint taffy
-2 toe separators
-Pumice stone with brush
-Mother’s Day postcard
-Nail file
-Orange stick

This is a pretty huge discount – I’m actually kind of stunned by the set, to be honest.   The Holiday gift boxes were pretty good, but these are FANTASTIC! Get yours at 11am CST at!