Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind…

If you’re looking for a good deal, this month has it.  For February ONLY, Jamberry is offering two extra (EXCLUSIVE!!) full sheets in new consultant kits!  So you get all of the supplies, promo products, etc., but with SIX full sheets of wraps.  Yeah.  SIX.  February Join Image


That’s an amazing deal, even if you NEVER host a party, sell to a friend or neighbor, etc.  You get the discount for the year (at least 30%), application kit, heater, and sneak peeks at products, along with those two (super chic) exclusive designs!

If you’ve thought about joining, THIS is the time to do it!!

Do you have any idea how amazing it feels to help women, who always put others before themselves?? Do you want to be able to treat your family – or TREAT YO’SELF with feeling guilty about the splurge?? Do you feel like you need an outlet to be creative, have supportive friends, and just do something for yourself?? I do, I do!!

Join me on this amazing adventure and this month you get two extra sheets of wraps in your kit AND a chance to earn a $25 rebate! HOLLLLLLLER!

Just comment if you have questions about the possible rebate or details!  And if you already get what a fab deal this is, go HERE to sign up for your box of Jamtabulousness! 

The FINAL Throwback Thursday – Preview the Awesomeness!

Check out the #TBT!

Okay friends.  This is the LAST Throwback Thursday of the Summer.  And it’s HUGE.  Keep breathing.  Stay with me.

Shut up and take my money.

These two designs were the two highest-requested designs when customers were asked which designs they’d like to have available for this summer’s #TBT fun!  Check out the pictures below of Holographic – the “official” Jamberry picture really doesn’t do it justice!
Purple Silver Criss Cross 2 Holographic HOlographic Lost RuinsThese designs are ONLY available for a few DAYS.  DAYS, people!  Don’t miss out on your second chance at the sparkly unicorns of happiness, also known as – Holographic and Purple and Silver CrissCross!

Find them HERE! https://suzannamayhugh.jamberry.com/category/throwback-thursday

Sail Away – Stylebox Subscription Service!

Like getting fun mail every month?  Are you a fan of StitchFix, BirchBox, or the Ipsy bag?

The Stylebox Subscription Service is for YOU!

kawaii-happy-mail-700x700There are several things that I LOOOOVE about Stylebox.

First and foremost: Happy Mail.  Sure, most of our bill are e-bills now, but it’s still fun to go to the mailbox and get something other than catalogs, coupon packs, and the daily realtor postcards.  (Daily.)

The second thing I love about Jamberry’s Stylebox is that the products inside are all exclusive.  You can ONLY get what’s in the box by being a subscriber.  It’s a fun little treat in a world of “every girl here is wearing the exact same dress from Target…” experiences.  It just makes you FEEL special to GET something special!!

The third thing I love about Stylebox: The suggestions for how to wear it.  I’m a Jam-loving, crazy-color lady.  But sometimes I really just don’t know how to mix-and-match without looking like a preschooler did my nails.  (And let’s be honest; a lot of time a preschooler HAS picked out my jams….)  Every month Jamberry sends out a YouTube video with all of the combos they suggest, as well as to do given the look that you’re trying to achieve.  Here’s this month’s!

One of the VERY best parts goes back to the exclusivity.  Jamberry tries out new products very often, or just rewards their subscribers with a little something extra.  In January, they threw in an amazingly pink pouty lipstick.  Another month we got nail art stencils.  My favorite is when there’s a catalog change coming – you get to be the first to get your hands on the new designs.  Jamberry sends EXCLUSIVE samples from the new catalog – which you can only get in the Stylebox.  Jackpot.

Lastly – I like that the plan is flexible.  A ton of subscription services make you sign up for a full year or 6 months.  With Stylebox, you can do 3, 6, or 12 month plans – with month-to-month subscriptions when your plan is over if you want to keep going!

This month’s Stylebox is “Sail Away.” Nautical blues and a nod to summer sailing make this a super cute way to send off summer!  Only available to order until August 15th – so you need to act fast!! 
Sail Away StyleboxYup.  Cute.  Are you a subscriber?? What do you think about this month’s Stylebox by Jamberry??

Kick off June – Between the Lines!

The first few days of the month are always pretty big for Jamberry – new hostess exclusives, Sisters’ Style Exclusives, and Stylebox designs are all announced!

Kick off June – Between the Lines!

This month’s Sisters’ Style Exclusive is REALLY cute – and can be styled for anyone’s tastes.  Want something subtle?  Wear it on its own for a fun play on neutral.  Headed to a wedding?  Layer it on top of a pretty pastel!  Or are you like me and the more color in your life, the better?  Check this out!

One Design - Any Style!
One Design – Any Style!

I love the layered look!  Which do you prefer?  Want the look?  Get it here! 

Are your ready for summer at the pool??  Jamberry wraps hold up to sun, surf, sand, and… chlorine.  It’s a simple way to get a long-lasting look for summer – without shelling out a ton of cash at the salon!

Sneak Peek into May’s StyleBox

Who’s ready for a sneak peek into Jamberry’s May Stylebox? 

Check out this video showing us the BRAND NEW “Satin” finish that Jamberry is rolling out!


1.  Sure, I could do without the MomJeans Brand shorts in the opening style.

2.  But the POLKAS!!  Love me some polka dots.  And they’re shiny!!

3.  I love that Jamberry has been rewarding Stylebox subscribers by giving them sneak peeks into brand new products!

Love what you see in the Sneak Peek into May’s Stylebox?

There are a few things to know about Jamberry’s subscription service.  First, if you like *this* month’s designs, you’ll need to sign up before the 15th of the month.  Otherwise, your subscription will start with NEXT month’s fabulous surprises.  Second, Jamberry has recently changed the products included.  Instead of only ONE subscriber-exclusive product, the Jamberry products inside (the designs, the freebies, etc.), are ONLY available to Stylebox subscribers.

You’ll always get at least $30 of JamSwag in each Stylebox (it’s usually closer to around $40-$45) for the $25/month subscription, plus free shipping.  Winner, winner!

My favorite thing about Stylebox?  I know that at least once a month, I’ll have a happy little moment at the mailbox!!


Want your own Happy Mail day in May??  You better believe you do after watching the Sneak Peek into May’s Stylebox!  Take the fun “Signature Style” Quiz, see more Stylebox videos, and sign up HERE! 

Rainbow Row – At your Fingertips

My husband and I got married in Charleston, South Carolina.  Ever since I was a little girl, I *knew* that’s where I wanted to have my wedding.  It’s a special place for my family; we’ve gone to Charleston just about every summer since I was a kid.  Also – it was the first place that my hubs ever went on vacation with my family. It’s a place that only has happy memories for me – and it doesn’t hurt that the city itself is gorgeous.

If art class were a city, it would be Charleston: tons of color, style, gardens and flowers hidden around every corner.  Even the alleys look like they’ve been professionally styled for beauty.  Vibrant, happy, and energetic.

One of the most amazing spots to see is Rainbow Row, a portion of East Bay Street close to the water.  If you’re walking from the market area, you’ll pass several restaurants, tourist shops, and bars, then suddenly the street becomes more residential.  But the houses are RAINBOWS.  For real: Source: www.flickr.com,  "erikspictures"

Isn’t it beautiful?  I have ALL of my fingers crossed to win the lottery about 15 times so we could maybe rent the attic space in one of these!  (Seriously – what do these people DO that they can afford to live there?  Someone get on that and let me know!)

So given my obsession with Charleston and color, when I spotted a particular picture of Rainbow Row I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I uploaded it to Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio and a few minutes later, I had these gorgeous Jams designed and ready to go!

Rainbow Row NAS - Watermarked
Jamberry NAS Rainbow Row

I was really hoping they would print out as vibrantly as I imagined them in my mind.  The good news?  THEY DID!  Hooray!


I’ll definitely be sporting these on days when I feel like I need a little Southern Charm in my day!  And I love that even if we won’t be IN Charleston on our anniversary, I can have a bit of Rainbow Row at my fingertips.  Literally.

Public Service Announcement! Last Chance for Bellagio!!

Last Chance for Bellagio – April’s Sisters’ Style Exclusive!

Mix-and-Match to extend your sheets of Jams for several months!
Mix-and-Match to extend your sheets of Jams for several months!

This month has been one of my absolute favorites for the Sisters’ Style Exclusive – the design released by the sisters that founded Jamberry each month.   This month’s design has been “Bellagio,” which I have LOVED.  It’s a really good design to have in your Jamberry arsenal; it goes with so many other designs that you can really stretch one sheet to last a LONG time! Check out these combos using Bellagio!

Meg's Bellagio
My sister-in-law wearing Bellagio with Fountain of Youth and Shake Your Tailfeather
Prep School and Bellagio
Looks great with Prep School and Barely Blue!
Bellagio with Atlantis
A fun take on Bellagio – pairing it with the ultra sparkly Atlantis!
Bellagio and Arcade
Mixing and Matching Patterns – easy and risk-free with Jamberry! Here’s Bellagio with Arcade – one of my Spring faves.

This is the LAST WEEK that this month’s Style Exclusive “Bellagio” will be available!  Click here to see it in my shop! 

**And remember – ALL of my commission for the month of April is being donated to Wheaton Montessori school!  So you can look fab – for a great cause!!**

April’s Stylebox – HOT TO TROT!

Check out that HAUTE pink!!
Check out that HAUTE pink!!

From Jamberry’s Press Release for the April Stylebox:

“Though April might bring showers, it also brings two exclusive StyleBox products from Jamberry! This month’s exclusive wrap features a combination of colors centered around potent pink. Like walking through a beaded curtain, the flowing shapes seem to reach out into the third dimension.

Our lacquer is just about the hottest pink there is, inspiring the name of this month’s Hot to Trot theme. Pairing perfectly with our exclusive wrap, this lacquer is bright and demands to be noticed.

And for the first time ever, we’re introducing nail art stencils to an extra element to your already-dazzling manicure.”

Confession time.  When I first joined Jamberry as a consultant, I wasn’t super “wowed” by the Stylebox.  Those days are OVER.  Starting with Jamberry’s surprise lipstick, then the switch to including ONLY exclusive designs for subscribers, I’ve been extremely impressed.  Plus, I love the fact that I automatically get a $5 savings on the value of the product, not to mention all of the extras that are included every. single. month.

April Stylebox in BOxAnd this month’s comes with these cute little nail art stencils, too!  I can see my little kiddo going CRAZY for those little hearts!  Are you a Pinterest nail-art image junkie??  This will help you get that look “in real life” without being featured on FailBlog or Pinterest Fails (PS – CHECK THOSE SITES OUT.  Hilarious. Almost as good as the autocorrect fails!)

I just feel like Jamberry has really upped their game in the subscription-service area.  Especially when you factor in the free shipping for Stylebox subscribers.  It’s a real deal just based on their product prices, but then when you add in all of the exclusive designs and styling suggestions, I’m on board.  Check out this month’s styling tips here!

And let’s just ignore that if I tried to walk in those platform sandals I’d be FLAT on my FANNY in about five seconds.

Want more information on Stylebox?  Find it here!!  

Want THIS MONTH’S designs??  You have to sign up BY THE 15th to get the current month.  Otherwise, your subscription will start with the next month!

PS – Don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter!  Newsletter subscribers get special promos, sneak peeks, and freebie offers!

Mothers’ Day – Exclusive Gift Box!

Mother’s Day Gift Sets go on sale TODAY at 11am CST!!!! Don’t miss out, there is a very LIMITED supply!

The Jamberry Creative Team has created three beautiful exclusive wraps for this set that pair perfectly with the exclusive Ruby lacquer. Since our moms make our lives sweeter (mine especially!  Hi Mom!), Jamberry is sweetening the box with a bag of delicious peppermint taffy. There are ONLY 100,000 gift sets available – and for JUST $45 – and look at everything you get for that price!!

Mother's Day Gift Set

Inside the Ruby & Rose gift box, you will find:
-Ruby lacquer
-3 exclusive nail wraps: Rose, Dearest, Delight
-6 ounce bag of peppermint taffy
-2 toe separators
-Pumice stone with brush
-Mother’s Day postcard
-Nail file
-Orange stick

This is a pretty huge discount – I’m actually kind of stunned by the set, to be honest.   The Holiday gift boxes were pretty good, but these are FANTASTIC! Get yours at 11am CST at http://suzannamayhugh.jamberrynails.net!