Are you Ready for the Catalog Premiere??

Jamberry’s Fall/Winter Catalog Premieres TODAY! 

See the new designs, updated styles, and check out all of the NEW PRODUCT options available as of RIGHT NOW.  **Girly shriek**

Want a little taste of what’s to come in today’s CATALOG PREMIERE?

Check out this little teaser-trailer!

Find all of the new designs and products, including that little ol’ Jamberry TruShine gel enamel system I’ve been raving about RIGHT HERE!

An Apple for Teacher

A few weeks ago I posted my new design for Teacher Appreciation Week and end-of-the-year teacher gifts.  I got the first order in last week and…

An Apple for Teacher – More Perfect than I Imagined!

An Apple for Teacher NASI LOVE how they turned out!! I’m so excited to wrap these up with some little extras and give them to Amelia’s teachers, who, lucky for me, are Jam-Addicts.  (And the best of us are, right??)

If you want to show your teacher some end of the year lovin’, An Apple for Teacher is the way to go!

You can order this uber-cute design HERE:

Last Chance for Love!! (Love Spell, that is…)

This year, Jamberry came out with a set of holiday designs for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter – and they were a HUGE hit!  But none of the designs crashed into the best-sellers list quite like “Love Spell.”  The design came out on January 1st, and EVERY single party I had this winter as a consultant — Love Spell was the #1 seller.  But now… there are only a few more weeks to make good on your last chance for Love… Spell! 

Jenna Love Spell Love Spell

This is definitely the kind of lovin’ you need to stock up on before it’s gone forever! It’s easy to see why Love Spell has been so popular.  It’s a “mixed mani” design, meaning that you get 3 designs on the sheet, rather than one.  Also, it’s a beautiful deep pink or bright silver sparkle with a cute heart motif.  It’s fun and cute, without being cutesy and juvenile!

This design looked great on everyone that sent me a picture, no matter the skin tone.  And for a pedicure?  PERFECT!!

Love Spell Gone After April 15

And don’t forget – this isn’t JUST your last chance for Love Spell. All of the Fashionable Festive designs will be “retiring” on April 15th!  Were you a fan of Shamrockin’, Wee Bit Charmed, Love Potion, or the Easter designs??  You only have a few days left to get them before they disappear from the website… forever.  (Cue dramatic music.)

If you want to take your Last Chance at Love, here are the links!

The Jam-azing, Gorgeous, No-Chip Sparkly and Glitterific Love Spell is HERE! 

The ENTIRE “Fashionably Festive” design line is HERE!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Emerald Argyle St Patty'sAn Irish Blessing

“Walls for the wind,
And a roof for the rain,
And drinks beside the fire –
Laughter to cheer you
And those you love near you,
And all that your heart may desire!”

I hope you all have a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day- and find a little bit of the luck of the Irish!

My own little lassie is wearing “Wee Bit Charmed” – and I really believe that it’s the most special thing to happen in her little sparkly life – at least that’s how she’s acting!!  Actual rainbow sparkles on her fingers?   She hit the jackpot.  (First pic – Doc McStuffins was extra suspenseful this afternoon.  My little lassy is just as sensitive as she is spunky!)

IMG_7874IMG_7875I love this picture of Amelia – She’s starting to look so much older in just the last few weeks, but seeing this just fills my heart.  Her chubby little hands and absolute horror that Doc would have a sprained ankle.  I hope she stays this innocent and sensitive for a LOOONG time!

Rockin’ the Shamrock with Jamberry Nails

I am LOVING my current manicure: Shamrockin’ from Jamberry!  It’s a SUPER sparkly Shamrock design with an ombre background that glitters like a pot o’ gold in the sunlight.  (Pot o’ gold – see what I did there?)   Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

*Confession – Before I show you this super fabulous Shamrock Manicure, I need to say it: I have never understood thematic manicures.  Santa hats and Easter egg designs?  They weren’t for me.  Until Jamberry.  Now I’m all up in the “Fashionably Festive” category of Jamberry designs like I’m planning parades and nail pageants!)

Along the lines of yesterday’s post: (Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Actually Work?), I thought I’d share with you the current state of my sparklelicious* Shamrock Jamberry Nails – basically, they’re just as good as the day I applied!!

Shamrockin Comparison

I’m actually onto Day 6 of “Shamrockin” at this point – and despite doing laundry and playing outside with my kiddos yesterday afternoon, they’re still looking fresh!  I like sharing my own or my customer’s pics for a huge reason – you can see that Jams look great even “in real life” – without professional hand-models, studio lighting, and nail techs.  You really can use Jams at home and love your results!!!

I love this manicure so much that I’m probably going to stock up for next year – because it goes off the website in the middle of April!  YIKES!!!  Know a Fighting Irish fan??  Shamrockin‘ would be PERFECT for tailgating at the Fall games!!

Shop Shamrockin’ here! 

Check out all of the cute “Fashionably Festive” designs here! 

*Sparklelicious – Made up the word.  Feel free to bring it into your daily vocab.