Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind…

If you’re looking for a good deal, this month has it.  For February ONLY, Jamberry is offering two extra (EXCLUSIVE!!) full sheets in new consultant kits!  So you get all of the supplies, promo products, etc., but with SIX full sheets of wraps.  Yeah.  SIX.  February Join Image


That’s an amazing deal, even if you NEVER host a party, sell to a friend or neighbor, etc.  You get the discount for the year (at least 30%), application kit, heater, and sneak peeks at products, along with those two (super chic) exclusive designs!

If you’ve thought about joining, THIS is the time to do it!!

Do you have any idea how amazing it feels to help women, who always put others before themselves?? Do you want to be able to treat your family – or TREAT YO’SELF with feeling guilty about the splurge?? Do you feel like you need an outlet to be creative, have supportive friends, and just do something for yourself?? I do, I do!!

Join me on this amazing adventure and this month you get two extra sheets of wraps in your kit AND a chance to earn a $25 rebate! HOLLLLLLLER!

Just comment if you have questions about the possible rebate or details!  And if you already get what a fab deal this is, go HERE to sign up for your box of Jamtabulousness! 

Sail Away – Stylebox Subscription Service!

Like getting fun mail every month?  Are you a fan of StitchFix, BirchBox, or the Ipsy bag?

The Stylebox Subscription Service is for YOU!

kawaii-happy-mail-700x700There are several things that I LOOOOVE about Stylebox.

First and foremost: Happy Mail.  Sure, most of our bill are e-bills now, but it’s still fun to go to the mailbox and get something other than catalogs, coupon packs, and the daily realtor postcards.  (Daily.)

The second thing I love about Jamberry’s Stylebox is that the products inside are all exclusive.  You can ONLY get what’s in the box by being a subscriber.  It’s a fun little treat in a world of “every girl here is wearing the exact same dress from Target…” experiences.  It just makes you FEEL special to GET something special!!

The third thing I love about Stylebox: The suggestions for how to wear it.  I’m a Jam-loving, crazy-color lady.  But sometimes I really just don’t know how to mix-and-match without looking like a preschooler did my nails.  (And let’s be honest; a lot of time a preschooler HAS picked out my jams….)  Every month Jamberry sends out a YouTube video with all of the combos they suggest, as well as to do given the look that you’re trying to achieve.  Here’s this month’s!

One of the VERY best parts goes back to the exclusivity.  Jamberry tries out new products very often, or just rewards their subscribers with a little something extra.  In January, they threw in an amazingly pink pouty lipstick.  Another month we got nail art stencils.  My favorite is when there’s a catalog change coming – you get to be the first to get your hands on the new designs.  Jamberry sends EXCLUSIVE samples from the new catalog – which you can only get in the Stylebox.  Jackpot.

Lastly – I like that the plan is flexible.  A ton of subscription services make you sign up for a full year or 6 months.  With Stylebox, you can do 3, 6, or 12 month plans – with month-to-month subscriptions when your plan is over if you want to keep going!

This month’s Stylebox is “Sail Away.” Nautical blues and a nod to summer sailing make this a super cute way to send off summer!  Only available to order until August 15th – so you need to act fast!! 
Sail Away StyleboxYup.  Cute.  Are you a subscriber?? What do you think about this month’s Stylebox by Jamberry??

June Stylebox – Now with 100% more Metallic Tattoos!

All over fashion mags, in stores, even on Zulily this Spring, I’m seeing Metallic temporary tattoos and “temporary jewelry” – like gorgeous glimmery-glittery temporary tattoos for grown ups.  I can’t believe I wrote that sentence.   But I’m excited about it!

Tell me there’s glimmer and I’m sold.

Jamberry has absolutely “brought home the GOLD” with this month’s Stylebox.  (Wait for it – I was just punny….) Along with the exclusive sheets of Jamberry wraps, they’re also tucking in a Stylebox exclusive set of Metallic tattoos!  Girly-girl swoon.

Just like past months’ Stylebox designs, you can only get it by subscribing!

Jamberry has changed their approach to Stylebox this year, making it so that the subscription service is extra special for subscribers.  You can’t get the designs anywhere else in the catalog and they’ve been offering some really fab sneak peeks at new products – and giving some major freebies like this month!

What do YOU think??  I LOVE the golden shimmer – it’s going to be so fun to play around with once my sear-your-eyes-paleness gets a little less….harsh.

Want to subscribe?  Find out more about it HERE! 

Free Jamberry Product? What’s the Catch?

i-heart-free-stuffSo if you’ve landed on this post, you’ve either searched “Free Jamberry” in a search engine, or you’re already a believer in Jamberry Nail wraps.  (Or – you’re REALLY in the wrong place – feel free to stick around!) Good news – there’s a REALLY easy and fun way to get the goods for free.

Did you just say to yourself, “Free Jamberry Product?  What’s the Catch?”  The catch is that you have to want to have fun.  The catch is that you have to want to have fun with your friends.  The catch is that you have to have fun with your friends and have great looking nails.

Every direct sales company has some kind of rewards system for their hostesses.  It’s the BEST part about being a hostess!  Jamberry has a really generous hostess reward program filled with free products, discounts, free shipping, AND the chance to earn credit towards consultant kits.  Notice that I said “AND”??  It’s not just a couple of freebies and maybe free shipping on THAT order.  On the last party that I just closed out, here’s what the hostess rewards were!
MS Fundraiser Rewards

This particular party was a fundraiser for Walk MS, so instead of hostess rewards for the hostess, I’m donating my commission to her Walk MS 5K team.  So, for her fundraiser, she raised $110 just by commenting on a few Facebook posts and wearing a free manicure.  Not bad for a week of Facebooking, right? Either way you look at it – those amazing FREE JAMBERRY PRODUCTS or a chunk of change for charity, it’s an amazing rewards system.  As for me? As a consultant, I love it because it makes it very easy to quickly build up your inventory, try out new products, or stock up for party prizes.

Want to earn your own stockpile of Free Jamberry wraps, lacquer, or hand care??  Click here and we can get your Facebook party scheduled!! 

And don’t forget to sign up for the Jam Sessions newsletter to keep up-to-date on any extra hostess incentives for subscribers!!