May Stylebox Unboxing!

The May Stylebox has arrived in all of its shiny, silvery, spring glory!

Remember – only available to lucky peeps that subscribe by MAY 15th!!

Find it at my shop HERE.  Just click on “Stylebox” and take take the fun style quiz – then sit back and wait for the happy mail to arrive!

What do you think of Jamberry’s May Stylebox?  Nailed it or Failed it??

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An Apple for Teacher

A few weeks ago I posted my new design for Teacher Appreciation Week and end-of-the-year teacher gifts.  I got the first order in last week and…

An Apple for Teacher – More Perfect than I Imagined!

An Apple for Teacher NASI LOVE how they turned out!! I’m so excited to wrap these up with some little extras and give them to Amelia’s teachers, who, lucky for me, are Jam-Addicts.  (And the best of us are, right??)

If you want to show your teacher some end of the year lovin’, An Apple for Teacher is the way to go!

You can order this uber-cute design HERE:

Take it From a Teacher’s Kid

Your child’s teacher the hardest-working, most emotionally-involved, and most enrichment-oriented person in your child’s life other than you.

Take it from a Teacher’s Kid

My mom was a third or fourth grade teacher until well past the time I was out of college.  Every night she put in HOURS of extra time grading papers at our kitchen table, worrying about the students in her class, trying to figure out how to approach parents about trouble at home, or just WORKING.  There were a ton of Christmases where she bought gifts that she knew couldn’t be provided for her kids – pads of paper, pencils, school supplies, even shoes.  (True story – one heartbreaking year she had a student whose mom could only afford to give her son HER hand-me-down tennis shoes.  That little boy got a brand new pair of sneakers from “Santa” that year.)

Whether or not you agree with standardized testing, the Common Core methodology, or belong to a home-schooling co-op, you can be certain of one thing: your child’s teacher wants your child to be loved, to be curious, and to be successful.  

Every year, my mom would come home at the end of the year with a few apples, some mugs, and if she was lucky, a “Thank You” note from a parent that *got it*.  No matter what you do at the end of the school year, do SOMETHING to let your teacher know that you realize how important they’ve been in your life over the last 180 days!

Ideas for Showing Your Teacher Some Lovin’

Write that person an honest-to-goodness “Thank You” note!  With the modern technological age, a handwritten note becomes all-the-more meaningful!  Even better?  Have your kiddo practice those handwriting, grammar, and sentence structure skills that she’s been working on and write a note as well! 

Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards!  BOOKSTORES, office supply stores, Amazon, teacher supply stores!  Your teacher pays out of pocket for an extraordinary amount of supplies throughout the year.  I’m sure she’d love some help in getting her room restocked for the next school year!

And, since you’re on this page, of course I’m going to suggest Jamberry.  I designed two sets of “Teacher Appreciation” nail wraps – perfect for a gift for a younger teacher that you don’t know a lot about!  You don’t need to know a size, whether or not they own their own place, or whether they drink coffee.  Add a bottle of sunscreen and a note and you have a wonderful token of appreciation for most important person (other than you!) in your kiddo’s life!

Check out how cute these are! 

An Apple for Teacher:

An Apple for Teacher - WaterMarked

Montessori Makes Me Happy”:

Montessori - NAS - Watermarked

To order either of these designs, please click here!  

WIN Mothers’ Day This Year!

It happens every year.  You want to give your mom something for Mothers’ Day that says “Thank you for giving me life, helping me survive learning how to walk up the stairs, and putting up with my crap during high school, all while still loving me.”

Yeah – few gifts can really express that.  (But go ahead and write that in the card – you have my blessin’.)

But this year.  THIS YEAR IS YOUR YEAR.  You can WIN Mothers’ Day this year.

You don’t even have to make a separate trip to the card store.  And the candy is included….  (Is my husband paying attention???  Or –  is YOUR husband paying attention?  Send ’em my way and I’ll hook you up!)

And she doesn't even have to get a babysitter!
And she doesn’t even have to get a babysitter!

Speaking as a mom of two:  For Mothers’ Day, I want a nap.  And after I take a nap (with earplugs in, thank you), I just want to have someone say, “Hey – Thanks!  This is a really tough job!”.  After that, I want to just sit with my family and feel special.  Done deal.

Luckily, Jamberry has come up with the perfect gift for helping the “mom-figure” in your life feel special.  Enough Jams for her to have a gorgeous NO-CHIP manicure for over three months.  Shyeah.  Take that, $45 gift card to the salon for a one-time hack job!  Not only that, but she gets a bottle of Jamberry’s amazing “Ruby” lacquer, available only with this set.  Top it off with some peppermint taffy, tools for a pampering pedi, and this is a gift for Mom that she can use for MONTHS to feel special, not just on one day!  And the best news for YOU?  It will cost you about half the price you’d be putting up to get a mani/pedi appointment at the salon, not to mention all the extras in the box.

Ruby Rose -5 Mother's Day Gift Set

Plus remember – it comes with a card, all ready for you to write, “Thank you for giving me life, helping me survive learning how to walk up the stairs, and putting up with my crap during high school, all while still loving me.”  And with that, you just won Mothers’ Day.

Get it before your sibling does HERE!! 

Take a Peek at the Mother’s Day Gift Box!!

Want to see what’s inside Jamberry’s Mother’s Day Gift Box?? I love this Ruby & Rose combination – and all of the extras are really sweet (literally) – and just the thing to help a mom feel pampered!

So now I’m extra glad that I ordered one.  For my husband.  To give to me.  #JamAddict.

Want to be Mom’s Favorite?? Treat her to Jamberry’s Mother’s Day Gift Box!  Click here to give her something uniquely luxurious!!

Mothers’ Day – Exclusive Gift Box!

Mother’s Day Gift Sets go on sale TODAY at 11am CST!!!! Don’t miss out, there is a very LIMITED supply!

The Jamberry Creative Team has created three beautiful exclusive wraps for this set that pair perfectly with the exclusive Ruby lacquer. Since our moms make our lives sweeter (mine especially!  Hi Mom!), Jamberry is sweetening the box with a bag of delicious peppermint taffy. There are ONLY 100,000 gift sets available – and for JUST $45 – and look at everything you get for that price!!

Mother's Day Gift Set

Inside the Ruby & Rose gift box, you will find:
-Ruby lacquer
-3 exclusive nail wraps: Rose, Dearest, Delight
-6 ounce bag of peppermint taffy
-2 toe separators
-Pumice stone with brush
-Mother’s Day postcard
-Nail file
-Orange stick

This is a pretty huge discount – I’m actually kind of stunned by the set, to be honest.   The Holiday gift boxes were pretty good, but these are FANTASTIC! Get yours at 11am CST at!