Welcome Australia and New Zealand! And a GIVEAWAY!

Today is a big day in JamLand!

Today is the day that Jamberry expands a little more into the global market – in Australia and New Zealand!

Until now, Jamberry has (theoretically!) only been in the US and Canada.  But today, Jamberry is now available as a product, an opportunity, and an event in Australia and New Zealand.  The websites and product lines for both launched this morning!  Have friends or family in either country? They can now host parties, purchase, and join Jamberry for a ground-level opportunity.  Can you imagine joining something like Mary Kay, Avon, etc. on the FIRST DAY ever??  CRAZY!

And with that – Jamberry has a new category of designs – “Around the World”

To help celebrate the launch into these Southern Hemisphere markets, there are a few **new** designs to hit the website today!  You can find them HERE, in the “Around the World” section of my shop!  And uh – how fun would it be to wear one of these and just be able to say, “Hey there! I’ve got a Sticky Wicket on my hands!”



To help celebrate the launch HERE, let’s have some fun!!  Comment on this post which Jamberry country you’d like to visit most – and why – for a free sheet of Jamberry wraps of your choice!  **Limited to participants in the US, CAN, Australia, and New Zealand, where we’re allowed to ship our products!**  I’ll draw a winner on Monday, October 5th!

Things I’ve Learned From My Kids – And a Giveaway!

My Crazy Children <3
My Crazy Children <3Things I’ve Learned From My Kids

This week has been a crazy one.  Actually, this last month has been a crazy one.  Henry has been teething (MOLARS!! **shakes fist at sky**), Amelia turned five, and the weather FINALLY started getting warm – for more than a day or two at a time.

In the midst of all of this chaos, I’ve learned a couple of things from my kids:

1. Turning five means you’ll suddenly be able to reach higher shelves.  (Not true.)

2. Teething will make even the most happy-go-lucky kid act like a rabid dingo.

3.  You CAN in fact have an argument with another human being about whether they’re wearing underpants.  (The two-year-old wasn’t.  He swears he was).

4.  Having kids will make you realize that your own parents were superheroes for your own survival of childhood.  Especially if one of your own kids is “a climber.”

And Now…. It’s Giveaway Time!! 

For a FREE sheet of Jamberry Nails – that’s a month (or more!) of no-chip manicures to flaunt – comment below with your FAVORITE lesson learned from your kids (or someone else’s kids!!) – one random winner will be chosen from all comments below!  The winner will be announced on Friday, April 24th!