“Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust”

I have faith that Jamberry will not discontinue two of my all-time favorites without giving back something amazing in the new catalog.  I trust the creative genius of Christina Stark, Jamberry’s delightful design diva.  But I am going to miss this beautiful blush Pixie (dust)!  

Everyone needs a little Pixie in their lives.  Either the real kind or the Jam design.  

But let’s talk about the Jamberry design, since that’s the one I know truly exists, despite my daughter’s absolute belief in all things TinkerBell. This design has only been offered in one catalog rotation – and it’s such a great choice for everyone.  It’s feminine, the perfect pink, and a great sparkle.  And we all want to sparkle.
Pixie and ButterflyAnd no matter how you pair it up, wear it solo, or mix-and-match, it’s gorgeous.  Remember this little gem?  This made me rethink just about everything I believed about leopard print:

Flirty Leopard and Pixie

Not into the accents and frills?  Check out how effortlessly chic it is all on its own!

Pixie Mani Pedi

If you need to stock up, you’re in luck!  Pixie is now “buy 300, get 100 free!”  (Or buy three, get 1 free, but where’s the fun in that??)

You can find it right here – but ONLY until the end of August, when you’ll never be able to get your hands on it again!

Start Spreading the News….

Right up above the title of this post, there’s a little button that says, “Newsletter.”  It’s about to open up a world filled with Jamberry happiness for you.  Trust me.

Newsletter Subscribers Get Extra Perks

VIP Wristband
Apparently this wristband is a real thing. (Available at bintle.com, where I found the image. All I know, folks.)

I love getting to know the people that order from me.  Jamberry has been such a fun way for me to meet people outside of my stay-at-home-mom universe.  I LOVE following the amazing Sarah’s modeling career, catching up with Steph and her worldly travels, seeing all of the hilarious things that customers’ kiddos say.  As a “thanks” for ordering with me and supporting my business, as well as bringing huge smiles to my face on a daily basis, I like to offer these “VIPs” a little extra!  Sometimes it’s an extra freebie for ordering, product sneak peeks, or discounts just for subscribers.

Want in on the fun?  Subscribe – and get maybe an extra two emails a month…

Part of the perk of signing up for a newsletter written by a busy mom.  You’re basically guaranteed not to get spammed.  I’m lucky to get two out per month (one at the beginning to announce specials and new designs, one mid-month with tips, tricks, and info).  So it’s a win-win.

How do you sign up?

Here.  The happiness starts here. 

June Stylebox – Now with 100% more Metallic Tattoos!

All over fashion mags, in stores, even on Zulily this Spring, I’m seeing Metallic temporary tattoos and “temporary jewelry” – like gorgeous glimmery-glittery temporary tattoos for grown ups.  I can’t believe I wrote that sentence.   But I’m excited about it!

Tell me there’s glimmer and I’m sold.

Jamberry has absolutely “brought home the GOLD” with this month’s Stylebox.  (Wait for it – I was just punny….) Along with the exclusive sheets of Jamberry wraps, they’re also tucking in a Stylebox exclusive set of Metallic tattoos!  Girly-girl swoon.

Just like past months’ Stylebox designs, you can only get it by subscribing!

Jamberry has changed their approach to Stylebox this year, making it so that the subscription service is extra special for subscribers.  You can’t get the designs anywhere else in the catalog and they’ve been offering some really fab sneak peeks at new products – and giving some major freebies like this month!

What do YOU think??  I LOVE the golden shimmer – it’s going to be so fun to play around with once my sear-your-eyes-paleness gets a little less….harsh.

Want to subscribe?  Find out more about it HERE! 


So we’ve talked before about glitter nail polish.  And the battle to get it off of your nails once it starts chipping (you know – the day after you put it on).  *Le sigh.*

Glitter Polish Meme

Admittedly, I have a problem with sparkly and glittery manicures.  I just can’t give them up.  When my sister-in-law told me about Jamberry a few months ago, I totally didn’t believe her when she told me that you could remove the wraps with just coconut oil.  Even the glittery sparkly prismatic wraps can come off with COCONUT OIL, she said.   Whuuut?

True. Story.   So now, my sparkly manicures are BACK.  With a vengeance.  I love this “Rose Gold Sparkle” – and because I’m crazy for color and combos, I’m wearing it this week with “Botanical Gardens.”  I’m doing everything I can to push the world a little closer to Spring, people.  Help me out!

Rose Gold Botanica Gardens Rose Gold Botanical Gardens

Mangled cuticles courtesy of last weekend’s gardening and this week’s toddler shenanigans.  Lovely, eh?  But that’s how you k now it’s my pic – and not some amazing hand model.  Because let’s face it, in the pics above, the cuticles are your *only* tip-off that these are not the hands of a hand model, amiright? 😉 But when I got to take them off with a little bit of warm coconut oil, those nail beds and cuticles will be super happy.  And I won’t have glitter all over my hands (and bathroom) for three months.  Win.

Check out all 60 + options for the Glitter Goodness here! 

Glitter Polish Removal – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

One of the BIGGEST things that I like about Jamberry Nails are the sparkle wraps.  I LOVE me some glitter, especially glitter polish.  But have you ever tried getting that junk off of your hands??  It’s a battle royale, my friends.  It takes forever, you waste a ton of polish remover, and your bathroom smells like a chem lab for days.

Men will Never know Glitter polish Removing Glitter Polish

 Yup.  And then?  You’re constantly finding glitter all over yourself.  Because we all want to show up for work or preschool pick-up looking like we just got back from a rave.  But with Jamberry’s sparkle designs, you get all of the shimmer and FAB.U.LOUS. glitter effect, but they come off just the same as your other wraps – soak in oil or polish remover, swipe ’em off, repeat.  Done.

To me, this is one more reason to STOCK UP on both Love Spell and Shamrockin’ – my two favorites from the Fashionably Festive line that will be DISAPPEARING on April 15th!  ACK!  Just check out the GlitteryGlamness of it all!

love spellShamrockin Comparison

You can find all of the “Sparkle” finish wraps HERE.  

You can find the soon-to-be-gone-forever Jam-Love of my life HERE!