Treat Yo’Self – with this 1-2 Pampering Punch!

One of the common questions I get about Jamberry Nails is, “But don’t you like going to the salon? It’s so nice to just do for yourself!”  Nope.  With the nail and hand care products from Jamberry in the new Spring Catalog, you can give yourself an indulgent manicure AT HOME – with salon-quality results!  The trick is to use the right tools and the right products, in the right way!

Here’s how you Treat Yo’Self with the Jamberry Nails 1-2 Punch: 

Treat Yo Self 2First: Nail Prep.  Using Jamberry’s Lacquer Remover and Cuticle Remover Pen, you can prepare and clean your nails to a silky blank canvas.  Jamberry’s Lacquer Remover is AH-MAZING.  I’ve heard other girls talking about it on my team and wondered if it could live up to their hype.  Yup.  The packing is really great – the pump-top helps speed things along and keeps my clumsiness a non-issue.  The remover doesn’t have the overpowering scent that most do (my husband basically wants to leave the State of Illinois when I take polish off of my nails with regular remover), and it works FAST.  Like lightning fast.  And check out just how easy it is to remove your Jamberry wraps with it!!

Next, and this is a crucial step: cuticle care!  We’re all blessed with cuticles, some more mangled than others.  (Like mine.) Even if you’re just using a nail lacquer or polish and not Jamberry wraps, this is step not to be skipped if you want all of your hard work to last!!  Pushing back or removing your cuticles – whether you can see them or not, will reap huge rewards when it comes to the longevity of your Jams or polish!

I tried Jamberry’s new Cuticle Remover Pen for the first time this week.  I’m IMPRESSED.  Shout-Caps-Lock-IMPRESSED.  My nails actually look like I’ve just been to the spa for some serious manicure intervention.   If you’ve never used a cuticle remover before, here’s how to do it, the Jamberry way:

How to Use the Jamberry Cuticle Remover Pen

Second: Indulge your Hands.  Using Jamberry’s Cuticle Oil and the Indulgence Hand Care line, moisturize and cleanse your hands with rich and luxurious emollients.  This is the biggest reason why I don’t miss the salon.  Well, other than not having to tip, find a baby-sitter, hope that the pedicure baths have been cleaned this year, and above all, the price tag.  So I guess there are a lot of things I don’t miss about the salon.  But…this is a big one!

Jamberry’s Indulgence Hand Care line is nothing short of it’s name: Indulgent!  My favorite is the “Buff” sugar scrub, which has coconut oil as it’s main ingredient.  It leaves my hands silky and soft – and even after several post diaper-change hand-washings, I can still feel how moisturized my hands are.  A huge number of my customers are in love with the “Nourish” hand cream – my go-to gift for this most recent holiday season.  (Have I mentioned how much I love the consultant discount??  Gift shopping just got a whole lot cheaper!).  Replace a trip to the salon with the Buff and Nourish – for manis and pedis- and you’ll be a believer!

  Indulgence Nourish Promo

There you have it – my “recipe” to treat yo’self to a pampering Jamberry Nails session. I haven’t missed the salon experience once since my sister-in-law introduced me to the Jamberry way o’ life.  And to be perfectly honest, I have NEVER found those massage chairs comfortable – and I end up with the massage rollers stuck mid-shoulder blade.  Nope – don’t miss it.

Find the Indulgence Boxed Set and Nourish Hand Cream Here!

Find all of the Nail Care Products – Cuticle Remover, Lacquer Remover, and Cuticle Oils here!   

My husband jokingly referred to it as “Dragon Feet” syndrome – #TrueLove

Every winter (or at the end of every summer after tromping around the pool in cheap flip-flops!), I get the driest skin – hands, feet, elbows, you name it.  I tried EVERYTHING – and nothing worked for a long-term solution.  Some stuff was super greasy, other products could knock you out cold with the fragrance, and some stuff was just cost-prohibitive.   My good ol’ hubs even jokingly referred to it as “Dragon Feet” syndrome a few times.  Lucky he does laundry, isn’t he??

Biggest thing – I REALLY had to up the amount of water I was drinking.  But it didn’t totally take care of it, especially during “Chiberia” winters!!  I tried Nourish for the first time in November and am totally convinced!!

If you’re having trouble Nourish Promowith dry skin, make sure you’re drinking tons of water and using a great moisturizer. If yours just isn’t getting the job done anymore, check out “Nourish” from Jamberry – thick, creamy, and only lightly-scented. It’s made a world of difference for me this winter!  Again – along with REALLY trying to remember to stay hydrated!!

Kind of loving that this is the first winter in about 10 years that Jeff hasn’t complained about my “dragon feet.” Love you, buddy!