Throwback Thursday is Here Again!

Throwback Thursday

Only a few days to get your hands on these! Or, rather, only a few days to get these on your HANDS!

Throwback Thursday – and they NAILED IT! 

I LOVE these two designs that Jamberry re-released for this week’s “Throwback Thursday” offering!  There was a little hint to consultants way-back-when that these might be offered, so I’m pretty happy that the teaser came true!

TBT Pinwheel and Fuschia Houndstooth Pinwheel and Fierce Fuschia

These will be available starting at 10 CENTRAL at my shop site:  These would also look fabulous with Fierce Fuchsia, one of the sparkle-finish designs, as well as Kiss Me Ombre, one of the retiring designs!  Have an Alabama Football/ Bear Bryant fan in your house?? Fuchsia Houndstooth is a ultra-feminine way to play up the houndstooth on game day!

Are you ready to Throwback to the Vibrant Pinwheel and Fuchsia Houndstooth?   Check them out HERE! 

Leopard Print Jamberry Nails – A Subtle Way to Show Off!

Just. No.
Just. No.

Before Jamberry Nails came along, I categorized Leopard Print wardrobe items as belonging solely in Boca Raton or in a smoky bar with sad characters hanging around.  And nothing against Chicos, but I always think that too much leopard can make you look like you’re having a Chicos kind of day.  (Sorry Mom! But you’re the *one* person that can buy outfits from that store and look chic as all get-out!)

A little bit after I joined as a consultant, I saw Jamberry’s “Natural Leopard” wraps – I thought it wasn’t too bad.  Then, I saw the “Gilded Leopard” wraps and thought, “Hey!  Those are kind of cute!”  I even started thinking that maybe it was something I could pull off for a night out.  And the more I saw it, the more I thought, “Sure!  I could do that…every day….” One of my team members has even joked that as far as she’s concerned, Jamberry “Leopard print IS a neutral“! Browns?  Blacks?  Khakis?  Check!

Gold Leopard Jen Bromley TestimonialThis week… one of my VIP customers posted a picture of her manicure (from her purchase in the Walk MS Fundraiser – Yay!).  I LOVE it!! This is the “Gold Leopard” with the new “White Stripe” clear wrap on he ring finger.  Super cute, chic, and something that the new “Jamberry Suzanna” would wear all the time!

How about you?  Animal prints a go or no-go?  I’m still probably a mani-only kind of girl for the leopard, but even that was a no-go for me only a few months ago!

Want to try it out? I have samples of the “Natural Leopard” that could be in your mailbox in a matter of days!  Comment below or send me a message to get your own free sample – and flaunt your animal instinct!

Love the look?  Click here to see it!! 

And PS: This is “Flirty Leopard” mixed with “Pixie” – two NEW designs featured in the Spring/Summer 2015 catalog.  So fun! Flirty Leopard and Pixie

Beautiful Reasons to Be Happy – Your Weekly Dose of Sunshine and Rainbows

THere are so mnay beautiful reasonsI LOVE this image.  It’s so true – even on the worst days when I *think* I brushed my hair, my kids are screaming because one of them *looked* at the other, and I really don’t think I’ll be doing much else besides plug my ears, close my eyes, and hope the laundry goes away.  (Pro Tip:  That trick doesn’t work.  Ever.)  Laundry Fairy

But…my kids are healthy and happy, I’d be able to brush my hair if I remembered to do it, and my kids have enough clothes that the laundry *can* pile up and they’ll still not be naked.  (Except for those random times when they just combust into nakedness.  HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???)

So Thursday was one of those days for me. But then yesterday… I checked my office site.  That Walk MS Fundraiser?? It ended up raising $95 dollars in less than a week for my friend Erica’s 5K team.  Then, one of my brand-new teammates, a stay-at-home-mom with two boys, a full-time job, and a fierce love for Jams got her first customer – just by showing how much *she* loved the product.  Then… my kids hugged on their dad, said some really funny stuff, and collapsed into silly giggles – my favorite sound in the world.  AND – It was Pizza Day at school, so I didn’t even have to make a sack lunch.  Not a world-shaking day, but a really nice one!! 

So… Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that helped with the Walk MS Fundraiser, congrats to my girl Brandi for getting a fantastic start with Jamberry, and thank you from the bottom of my heart to the elementary school classes for scheduling a Pizza Day for the preschoolers.