Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind…

If you’re looking for a good deal, this month has it.  For February ONLY, Jamberry is offering two extra (EXCLUSIVE!!) full sheets in new consultant kits!  So you get all of the supplies, promo products, etc., but with SIX full sheets of wraps.  Yeah.  SIX.  February Join Image


That’s an amazing deal, even if you NEVER host a party, sell to a friend or neighbor, etc.  You get the discount for the year (at least 30%), application kit, heater, and sneak peeks at products, along with those two (super chic) exclusive designs!

If you’ve thought about joining, THIS is the time to do it!!

Do you have any idea how amazing it feels to help women, who always put others before themselves?? Do you want to be able to treat your family – or TREAT YO’SELF with feeling guilty about the splurge?? Do you feel like you need an outlet to be creative, have supportive friends, and just do something for yourself?? I do, I do!!

Join me on this amazing adventure and this month you get two extra sheets of wraps in your kit AND a chance to earn a $25 rebate! HOLLLLLLLER!

Just comment if you have questions about the possible rebate or details!  And if you already get what a fab deal this is, go HERE to sign up for your box of Jamtabulousness! 

If Christmas Letters Told the Truth

Every year, we get a couple of pretty amazing Christmas letters updating us on the celestial achievements that a particular family has achieved over the past year.  Glowing highlights, culled from Facebook’s “These are the posts that make you look the least crazy” category.

But seriously – that’s not life.  So to help us all approach the holidays with a little more realism, here’s what our Christmas letter would say, if I made any effort at all to go to the post office, buy stamps, and Shutterfly some pictures where we all had our eyes open…

Our 2015 End-of-Year Wrap-Up:

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year has passed.  We made it – all of our kids are alive and we’re still married.  Our house is still standing, and our kids are dressed most days in weather-appropriate clothing.

Amelia started Kindergarten and is the sassiest, silliest, and smartest kid in the world.  She can also bring her mother to Olympic levels of stress-eating in a matter of minutes.

Henry started preschool, thank goodness.  Our house would NOT still be standing if he were home for the entire day.  Henry’s life revolves around “bad guys,” toilet humor, and making his sister’s life miserable.

They love each other so much that it makes their mom cry.

J is still working, which we’re super happy about because I don’t want to go back to being a lawyer ever in my entire life.  He likes his job, likes his coworkers, and is a great dad.  We also recently found out that he likes Coca-Cola flavored gummi candy, which was a major shock.

I’ve taken up quilting in yet another attempt to avoid doing laundry.  Jamberry doesn’t pay the bills, but it’s fun.  A lot more fun than laundry.

We didn’t win the lottery; we didn’t cure cancer; and most days our home looks like a hurricane went through.  But we’re all good.

Peace out.  See you in 2016.  Or not, because we can’t stand long car trips.



Truth Bomb. I hate one of Jamberry’s Products.

So here’s the truth – even though I’m a consultant with Jamberry and am supposed to be “earning my keep” by sharing the Jam-love, there is ONE thing that a really and truly don’t like.

Design DimensionsTruth Bomb: I DON’T LIKE Jamberry’s….

Design Dimensions.

Not even a little bit. At all.

My daughter loves them.  But she’s 5.  She loves anything that you can attach to your body and make it sparkly.  I’m nervous about the day that she’s old enough to get her ears pierced.  That girl is going to be a walking disco ball.  But I digress.

The rhinestones and studs on nails.  I loved them when I went to my Junior Prom.  In 1998.  I also wore butterfly-shaped clips in my hair and a TON of body glitter to that particular prom.  We all make mistakes.

Photo Found on Pinterest
So this one is actually REALLY cute.  And I wish I had the talent to do that myself.  Photo Found on Pinterest

Now, I have seen a couple of manicures that I thought, “Hey! That’s actually pretty cute!”  Like this one layered over “Amazon” lacquer.

But that person clearly has skillz.  No lacquer on her cuticles, perfect nail shape, each one of those little buggers is *exactly* where it should be.  Even her ring is perfectly coordinated.

But… Search “Design Dimensions” on Google Image search, however… and you can find a big ol’ bag of nope.  As in “Nope.  Not for me.”

So truth – I really don’t like this particular Jamberry offering.  

But it’s okay – I luuuuuurve so many more things that they’ve added to the catalog in the last year (cuticle oil pens, cuticle remover, and dear lord… that nail lacquer remover is WORTH it).  Hopefully by admitting that there’s really something I don’t like, don’t recommend, and just don’t have the talent to make look good, I’ll have a little more credibility the next time I DO say I like something.

So tell me – which camp do you fall in with these?  Love ’em?  Or leave ’em (to the pros, or to 1998)… 

98 and Counting!

I started this whole crazy Jamberry business just a year ago.  I NEVER thought I’d host a party, build a team, or really, do anything other than use the discount to buy Jams for my kiddo.  Which is one of the reasons I didn’t come up with a “serious” team name – I never DREAMED my little team of like-minded women would be at this level!

98And now Team Sparklepants is at 98 Team Members… And Counting! 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about buying Jamberry products at a discounted rate, earning a little bit of extra spending money, or even paying your mortgage, give me a shout.  I’d LOVE to have you join our team of motivated, kind, hilarious, and driven women.  I joined for the discount and just to have a social outlet.  I’ve stayed because of the amazing success I know is possible, the fun, and the family atmosphere that my team has.  If you’ve ever felt like you needed a fresh new project, THIS is it!!

Jamberry Team Opportunity Event

My amazing team is having an opportunity event  – want to join the fun?

My team, the “Sparkle Sistas”, is having an opportunity event/sneak peek this week into our workings “behind the scenes.”

Op Event Be You Be BeautifulThis is an AMAZING time to check out the opportunity that Jamberry offers.  Just look at the timeline for your first few months:

  • August: Going, Going, Gone designs announced
    • The product release of the TruShine Gel Manicure System
    • Stylebox changes – stay tuned!
    • The “Celebration Box” – stay tuned!
  • November:
    • Black Friday – remember last year when Jamberry broke the internet??
  • December:
    • Holiday packages
    • New Year’s Eve manis to steal the show!

At the opportunity event, our team will go over all of your questions, let you know why we all joined and what’s in it for YOU, show you the support you’ll get, and help you kick your chipped polish to the curb while making some fab money to help your budget!

Interested?  Shoot me an e-mail at suzanna.mayhugh@gmail.com and I’ll get you added to the group!  This is THE best time of the year to take a look into what Jamberry can offer YOU.  It’s been an empowering and FUN challenge for me – I’d LOVE to be able to help someone else have the same amazing experience!

Identity With Jamberry

Rambling thoughts on Charleston

I’ve had a pretty heavy heart over the last week after hearing about the horrific and hate-filled shooting in Charleston.  The people of Charleston and the city itself have brought nothing but love, laughter, and joy to my family for nearly 30 years.  I’m truly heartsick for the city where I married the love of my life, bond with my family every summer, take in the southern hospitality, and visit with the amazing people that call Charleston home.

Rainbow Row in CHS

Charleston has always been an extremely happy place for me and my family.  We went to the beach just outside of the city for the first time when I was in second grade, just weeks before Hurricane Hugo absolutely wreaked havoc on the Lowcountry and the city of Charleston.  We went back for one week most summers, and I seriously considered going to the College of Charleston when I graduated high school (eons ago).  My parents kept going even when my brother and I couldn’t because of school or jobs.  But then, it just became “our thing.”  No matter what, my brother, my sis-in-law, and I would get there for a week of pure bliss: sun, surf, sand, and my doting parents.

My senior year of college, I met Jeff, who for some reason really clicked with not just me, but my entire family.  He even made it through a week in Charleston with my entire family about 6 months after we met.  (My dad made him sleep on an over-turned inflatable boat that had an air leak.  Just a little test “dad test”… I think…).  A few years later, we were married downtown right across from the old City Market.  These days, we still go, but most of my time is spent watching my own kids play in the sand with my nephews, soak up the sight of my parents indulging my babies, and just spend the week loving everything about the Charleston area.

Rainbow Row NailsSo – I’d always planned on wearing the “Rainbow Row” jams that I designed, but after the horrific attack last week, it’s less about just a fun manicure in honor of vacation and a lot more about wearing something that reminds me that the city is beautiful, its people resilient, and despite the hate-filled moments of last week, an amazing place for me to continue watching my little family make memories.  No amount of hate and violence can destroy that.

Throwback Thursday – AKA – Jamberry is Going to Break the Internet.

It’s Jamberry’s “Throwback Thursday” again – and this time they brought out the big guns!

Throwback Thursday – Candy Chevron and Swiss Dot Powder Blue

TBT Candy Chevron

Fair warning:  Jamberry just may break the internet today at 9AM Mountain Time.  Why?  CANDY. FRIGGIN’. CHEVRON.  This is the design that you need for summer.  Forget all of those other gorgeous designs and lacquers for a few minutes.  Candy Chevron is the cutest pedi you’ll ever give yourself in 10 minutes, the most cheerful manicure you can have on a gloomy day, and chevron nails without a price tag or putting Scotch Tape all over your nails in an epic Pinterest Fail.

Check it:

Candy CHevron Confetti Cake
Candy Chevron with Confetti Cake

And check it out paired with the Kiss Lacquer! (The best hot pink polish you can find!)

Candy Chevron with Kiss Lacquer

Then, not only did they bring out one of my all-time favorite designs for this week’s Throwback Thursday, they also brought out the uber-cute Swiss Dot Blue Powder & (say that five times fast!)

Swiss Blue Dot Poppy

This is the kind of cutesy polka dot that you can actually wear as an adult.  The blue is pretty without being babyish and the poppy polka gives it interest and an unexpected color.  Jamberry at it’s best – and you didn’t have to sit in a spa for hours while someone used a dotting tool at $1 per polka.

Honestly, the first time around for Throwback Thursday, I wasn’t wowed.  Skinny Koi?  Meh.  Aloha?  Meh.

But this week.  THIS WEEK.  I LOVE the designs – and can’t believe they’ll only be available for a few days!!! Be ready – at 9AM Mountain Time, I’ll see you at http://suzannamayhugh.jamberrynails.com.  I’ll be the one with the shopping cart FULL of Throwback Thursday wraps!

**Act fast!  These designs are only available for a few days!  They disappear from the website again on May 25th!  Gah!!***

The Basic Application for Jamberry Nail Wraps

Because everyone’s nails, nail beds, and skin are different, there are hundreds of ways to “tweak” your application when applying your Jams to get the “best” Jamicure for YOU.  When you’re first practicing and trying out the wraps, the best thing is to start simple!

If you’re just starting with Jamberry Nail Wraps, start with the Basic Application

This is a SHORT video showing the most basic application method – and it’s actually Jamberry’s recommended method.  It’s fast, easy, and when done correctly, will ensure that your gorgeous manicure lasts for up to two weeks (or more!).

Step-By-Step For the Basic Jamberry Application

  1. Nail prep – Don’t skip it!  Wash your hands with dish soap, swipe them with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any oils or lotions that just won’t LET IT GO.  Get ’em clean, dry, and oil-free!
  2. Push back your cuticles.  Trust.  It takes a couple of minutes, but means the difference between your Jams lasting two days and two weeks.  **This is the main reason why your wraps will lift, peel off, or not get a good seal!**
  3. Size Matters – Pick the wrap that’s slightly SMALLER than your nail so that it doesn’t overlap your cuticles or skin.
  4. Cut it in half, heat it up.
  5. Place it on your nail, rounded edge against your cuticle, but not touching.
  6. Press down and smooth it out like your life depends on it.  Or, the life of your manicure.
  7. Let it cool.  (DON’T SKIP!  The wrap stretches a bit when warm – as it cools, it will shrink a tiny bit – and you don’t want to be filing when it’s still warm!)
  8. File of the excess by filing straight down.
  9. Flaunt what Jamberry gave ya.

Have super curved nails?  Dome-shaped nails? Be sure to follow the blog over the next few weeks! 

I’ll be posting short how-tos of several little “tweaks” that you can add in to your application to get the best application for you!