This stuff GLOWS.


Have you ever been out for New Year’s Eve and thought, “All this needs is something that glows in the dark…” ?


Sure you have.  We all have.


And lucky you –  the answer to your First World Problem is finally here! (And these days, let’s take advantage of all of the solutions we can get our hands on.  There seems to be crazy around every corner these days.)

This limited edition design will only be available for a little while – and it’s actually chic enough to go with your LBD for a stylish night out that’s a little whimsical, too!

And for those of you that will be doing a “Countdown to Noon” instead of midnight with kiddos – there’s a Juniors version as well!

You can find all three designs (Noisemaker, Midnight Magic, and the Juniors version – Make Some Noise) here! 

What do you think??  Are you into the glowing designs?  Or do you go for a more classic “Midnight Celebration” look like this one?

Midnight Celebration - Jam

PS – I know my DH is going to be reading this, so when I quiz him later on the details of my post he’ll be prepared.  So just so you know, I also unloaded the dishwasher today.  It’s been a big day around here, buddy!

TruShine, Mommy and Me, and a Book Rec

My little girl is one of the GIRLIEST girls that I’ve ever encountered.  She’s also one of the most colorful and uh…fashion risk-taking.  And I love it.  Why wear one tutu when you can wear 4?  Why were one headband when you love all 5 with a particular outfit? Leg-warmers?  Those go on arms.  Pink Hair? Don’t care.  Nails?  Gotta do ’em.

Mommy and Me Jamicures – Because I’m *THAT* Mom

Amelia has been asking for us to be “Matcher Matchers” with our nails for a while now.  (Matcher Matchers = exactly what it sounds like.  We match.) But then she usually picks out something that even I’m a little gun-shy about wearing.  But this time, she asked to be Matcher Matchers AND picked out something pretty cute for us to try.  So we got down to business with some serious Mommy-and-Melia time.

11853957_10205092297976290_286570396_n 11830180_10205092298056292_1028492754_n (1)

Amelia picked the pattern – One “Tropical Mirage,” one “Mini Teal Polka.”  Repeat.  Love it!

Whenever I do Amelia’s Jams, I always take a few extra steps to make sure they’ll stay on through the craziness of her days. Here’s my go-to tips for making sure your little one is going to get more than a week from her Jamberry Juniors:

  1. Wash their hands really well with dish soap.  The good kind.  Like the kind you use if you’ve been frying something and your house is covered in cooking oil.  Little kids seem to have super oily nail beds – and this is actually a gentle way to get them prepped!
  2. Cuticles, cuticles, cuticles.  If I haven’t done Amelia’s nails for awhile, her cuticles will cover almost half of her nail.  NO JOKE.  No matter your age, cuticles and Jams don’t mix.  You just won’t get a good seal.  So you really do need to take the time to push back the cuticles on their (and your!) nail beds.  Also – you’ve just washed their hands really well, so their nice and soft and ready to be pushed back.
  3. Heat the wrap, THEN apply it to your kiddo.  This isn’t so much for the application success, but more so that I don’t have to aim a heater at her little hands.
  4. Clip – don’t file.  Nail clippers on little fingers and toes makes a fast, smooth, and easy job of removing the excess on the tip of the nail.

So how did the Juniors last? 

We did Amelia nails on July 30th.  After a few days in a row of half-day preschool and a couple of play dates, they looked like this:

11872662_10205092298376300_1971901294_n (1)

And as of August 9th, here are Amelia’s as I was typing up this post:  Still on, but definitely a little grubby.  But that’s from “helping” in the garden, not so much the Jams themselves!

Check out the outfit. Silver-studded leggings, striped twirly dress, sweater jacket. It’s an 80-degree August day. That’s my girl!
Little fingers – and Jams still on!

Okay lady, you have “TruShine” in the title of the post….That’s the only reason I’m here. 

I’m like a kid in a candy store right now with the new TruShine gel system.  I’ve tried it solo and on top of a wrap or two, but I really wanted to see how long it would last layered over Jams for an entire manicure.  It’s magical.  Have trouble with lifting tips?  Solved.  Like the thickness of gel? Need a little more strength than Jams alone? SOLVED.

As of today, not one chip, not one dent, and NO lifting at the free edge or the cuticles of my Jams.  Just glossy, glossy goodness.  I  have to say – I’m impressed, ESPECIALLY for an at-home system.  And ESPECIALLY since I haven’t painted my own nails now in about a year (since I first tried Jamberry wraps).

Want to pre-order?  Holla at me!  Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the details!

If you take nothing away from this post but one thing, let it be this. Go buy this book. “Bonk” by Mary Roach. If you’re at all a fan of David Sedaris, you’ll love it. Here’s the kicker – it’s non-fiction. And it’s gut-busting hilarious. “Gulp” by the same author is also worth the purchase, but the subject matter of this one is a bit more… engaging….
Eleven days later – as perfect as when I first applied the TruShine gel enamel.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Emerald Argyle St Patty'sAn Irish Blessing

“Walls for the wind,
And a roof for the rain,
And drinks beside the fire –
Laughter to cheer you
And those you love near you,
And all that your heart may desire!”

I hope you all have a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day- and find a little bit of the luck of the Irish!

My own little lassie is wearing “Wee Bit Charmed” – and I really believe that it’s the most special thing to happen in her little sparkly life – at least that’s how she’s acting!!  Actual rainbow sparkles on her fingers?   She hit the jackpot.  (First pic – Doc McStuffins was extra suspenseful this afternoon.  My little lassy is just as sensitive as she is spunky!)

IMG_7874IMG_7875I love this picture of Amelia – She’s starting to look so much older in just the last few weeks, but seeing this just fills my heart.  Her chubby little hands and absolute horror that Doc would have a sprained ankle.  I hope she stays this innocent and sensitive for a LOOONG time!

Mommy and Me Time

So.  I have this little lady in my life that is about as fabulous as can be.  She pretty much wants to grow up to be Katy Perry – so much so that she went as Katy for Halloween.  And… she’s not even 5 yet. Amelia Katy Perry

MOMMY AND ME Time:  This kiddo of mine LOVES having “fancy fingers” – and I always think it will be a great little “Mommy and Me” time for her to sit and paint her nails.  It always ends up being a total fiasco.  I get frustrated because she just can’t SIT STILL and we end up doing each tiny fingernail three or four times.  And then she scratches her head.  Or sticks her hand in the Cheerios.  Or **shudder** makes a beeline for our new couch.

So what could have been fun and a good Mommy and Me “bonding” moment ends up being a total “MomLife” nightmare.  But….

Mommy and Me - matching Jams, matching chubby digits :)
Mommy and Me – matching Jams, matching chubby digits 🙂

JAMBERRY JUNIORS!!!  Saving Mommy and Me time one manicure at a time! No dry time!  Perfectly-sized for pint-sized pop princesses~~ like mine!!  Cute designs!  Non-toxic! She can get up and run around at any time!! Okay. These things basically live at the corner of Awesome and Bombdigity.

**Pro Tip** Jamberry wraps MUST have heat to apply and adhere correctly – even during those little Mommy and Me moments.  But I REALLY don’t like the idea of holding the heat against my kiddo’s little hands.  So I heat the wrap FIRST, apply it to her teeny tiny nail (so cute!), then use nail clippers to trim the excess wrap (and trim her nails at the same time!).  Love, love, love.

How about you??  Does your little one LOOOOVE getting pampered and fussed over?

Click here to see all of the available Jamberry Junior designs in the new catalog!