Last Chance for these Limited-Release Designs!

This week is your last chance for the Spring Holiday Limited-Release designs from Jamberry!  They’ll be disappearing from my website, on April 15th!  Eek!

“Love Spell”, “Shamrockin'”, and “Tickled Pink” are my absolute faves on this list of soon to be gone forever limited-release designs, but my little girl LOVES the “Wee Bit Charmed.”  And with Jamberry’s Buy-Three-Get-One-Free, you can stock up at save $15 on your order!!

Combine and Save!  Add a few retiring designs, then add a new catalog design for FREE!
Combine and Save! Add a few retiring designs, then add a new catalog design for FREE!

Are you a Notre Dame Football Fan?  Shamrockin’ is for YOU – order it now so that you’ll have it for those fall tailgating parties!  Have plans for a Mother’s Day Brunch?  Tickled Pink and Spring Fling for a Mommy-and-Me Manicure session is a great way to get in a few bonding moments with your little one.

Remember – these will be gone FOREVER – not re-released next year!  Find yours in the Fashionable Festive section of my website HERE! 

Spring Holiday Collage for Blog

And don’t forget – Newsletter subscribers will be added to a raffle drawing for the Mother’s Day gift box with every Buy-Three-Get-One-Free Purchase in April!  

Glitter Polish Removal – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

One of the BIGGEST things that I like about Jamberry Nails are the sparkle wraps.  I LOVE me some glitter, especially glitter polish.  But have you ever tried getting that junk off of your hands??  It’s a battle royale, my friends.  It takes forever, you waste a ton of polish remover, and your bathroom smells like a chem lab for days.

Men will Never know Glitter polish Removing Glitter Polish

 Yup.  And then?  You’re constantly finding glitter all over yourself.  Because we all want to show up for work or preschool pick-up looking like we just got back from a rave.  But with Jamberry’s sparkle designs, you get all of the shimmer and FAB.U.LOUS. glitter effect, but they come off just the same as your other wraps – soak in oil or polish remover, swipe ’em off, repeat.  Done.

To me, this is one more reason to STOCK UP on both Love Spell and Shamrockin’ – my two favorites from the Fashionably Festive line that will be DISAPPEARING on April 15th!  ACK!  Just check out the GlitteryGlamness of it all!

love spellShamrockin Comparison

You can find all of the “Sparkle” finish wraps HERE.  

You can find the soon-to-be-gone-forever Jam-Love of my life HERE! 

Last Chance for Love!! (Love Spell, that is…)

This year, Jamberry came out with a set of holiday designs for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter – and they were a HUGE hit!  But none of the designs crashed into the best-sellers list quite like “Love Spell.”  The design came out on January 1st, and EVERY single party I had this winter as a consultant — Love Spell was the #1 seller.  But now… there are only a few more weeks to make good on your last chance for Love… Spell! 

Jenna Love Spell Love Spell

This is definitely the kind of lovin’ you need to stock up on before it’s gone forever! It’s easy to see why Love Spell has been so popular.  It’s a “mixed mani” design, meaning that you get 3 designs on the sheet, rather than one.  Also, it’s a beautiful deep pink or bright silver sparkle with a cute heart motif.  It’s fun and cute, without being cutesy and juvenile!

This design looked great on everyone that sent me a picture, no matter the skin tone.  And for a pedicure?  PERFECT!!

Love Spell Gone After April 15

And don’t forget – this isn’t JUST your last chance for Love Spell. All of the Fashionable Festive designs will be “retiring” on April 15th!  Were you a fan of Shamrockin’, Wee Bit Charmed, Love Potion, or the Easter designs??  You only have a few days left to get them before they disappear from the website… forever.  (Cue dramatic music.)

If you want to take your Last Chance at Love, here are the links!

The Jam-azing, Gorgeous, No-Chip Sparkly and Glitterific Love Spell is HERE! 

The ENTIRE “Fashionably Festive” design line is HERE!