An Apple for Teacher

A few weeks ago I posted my new design for Teacher Appreciation Week and end-of-the-year teacher gifts.  I got the first order in last week and…

An Apple for Teacher – More Perfect than I Imagined!

An Apple for Teacher NASI LOVE how they turned out!! I’m so excited to wrap these up with some little extras and give them to Amelia’s teachers, who, lucky for me, are Jam-Addicts.  (And the best of us are, right??)

If you want to show your teacher some end of the year lovin’, An Apple for Teacher is the way to go!

You can order this uber-cute design HERE:

Public Service Announcement! Last Chance for Bellagio!!

Last Chance for Bellagio – April’s Sisters’ Style Exclusive!

Mix-and-Match to extend your sheets of Jams for several months!
Mix-and-Match to extend your sheets of Jams for several months!

This month has been one of my absolute favorites for the Sisters’ Style Exclusive – the design released by the sisters that founded Jamberry each month.   This month’s design has been “Bellagio,” which I have LOVED.  It’s a really good design to have in your Jamberry arsenal; it goes with so many other designs that you can really stretch one sheet to last a LONG time! Check out these combos using Bellagio!

Meg's Bellagio
My sister-in-law wearing Bellagio with Fountain of Youth and Shake Your Tailfeather
Prep School and Bellagio
Looks great with Prep School and Barely Blue!
Bellagio with Atlantis
A fun take on Bellagio – pairing it with the ultra sparkly Atlantis!
Bellagio and Arcade
Mixing and Matching Patterns – easy and risk-free with Jamberry! Here’s Bellagio with Arcade – one of my Spring faves.

This is the LAST WEEK that this month’s Style Exclusive “Bellagio” will be available!  Click here to see it in my shop! 

**And remember – ALL of my commission for the month of April is being donated to Wheaton Montessori school!  So you can look fab – for a great cause!!**

Montessori and Jamberry Nails – Match Made in Teacher Heaven

My daughter goes to the local Montessori school (I’ve raved about it pretty rabidly here before), and the end of the year is coming up.  Normally, I stress at the end of the year about teacher gifts that are personal and will actually get used.  This year, I have it.  FINALLY.  Amelia is super proud of her new writing skills, and since it’s actually “legible,” I’ll let her write the note thanking her teacher for an amazing year.  (In her own words, so who knows what it will end up saying).   But for the gift part….

Montessori and Jamberry Nails – Match Made in Teacher Heaven

Amelia’s teacher and her teenage daughter LOVE themselves some Jams.  Her daughter may be one of my best customers – and I LOVE when they show me pics to prove it!  Homecoming, Easter, Christmas – they seriously pumped up the Jams.  (Ha!) So for an end-of-the-year gift, I used Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio to create her very own design, filled with pictures from her classroom.

Ms. Chiste's Class

One of the things about Montessori is all of the beautiful materials and activities involved in every aspect of the child’s day.  From gorgeous colored beads for math, to flower arranging, and back to glass and ceramic objects for pouring, polishing, and art, the materials in the room make the classroom feel like the happiest place in town.

Montessori - NAS - Watermarked

I LOVE the super bright colors!  The “paintings” in the design are Amelia’s “metal inset work;” the kiddos trace the shapes, learning pencil grasp, shape names, and get used to writing the curved and straight lines that they’ll need later on for writing letters.  Then if you’re lucky and give your teacher a big smile, she’ll let you paint the shapes with glitter watercolors.  (PS – The first few times Amelia came home she called them “Metal Insects,” which has STUCK like glue in our household as the name for the lesson!)

Sidenote: I’ll be writing about Amelia’s school quite often; it’s one of my top reasons for being in this Jamberry gig!  I love that I’m getting to help her (and her brother next Fall) get to go to this little school and be a part of the community that supports it!