When Your Kiddo Wants to be a Fairy

My daughter marches to the beat of her own drums.   She dresses to the beat of her own drums.  One tutu? Pshaw.  Make it seven.  Don’t mix patterns?  As if.  Stripes, plaids, glitter hearts, and polka dots should ALWAYS go together.  I LOVE this about my little girl.  She’s sweet, sassy, super creative, and oh-so-confident.

And She Wants to Be a Fairy When She Grows Up.

Amelia Wants to be a FairyA couple of years ago, Amelia’s class had a “Community Helpers” week at preschool.  They learned all about firefighters, police, nurses, doctors, teachers, etc.  At the end of the week, each child was asked what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Amelia: “A Fairy.”  No doubt in her mind.  Her teacher tried asking again – but Amelia stuck with it.  She has a life plan all set up for herself.

I totally get it.  Who WOULDN’T want to be able to fly with magical fairy dust and live in a house made of flowers? And according to Amelia, they wear the very best fairy dresses and have wings made out of glass.  Sign me up for that fabulousness!

Part of me knows I’ll eventually have to let her know that “Fairy” isn’t a socially-acceptable occupation for a middle-aged gal.

I know that just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and a low-cal candy bar that actually tastes good, I will eventually have to talk to my daughter about the fiction of fairies.  But not now.  Not for a long time.  I LOVE the creative, make-believe, fantastical world that my little girl lives in.  That kind of imagination and complete abandon shows me that she feels totally comfortable just being whoever – and whatever – she wants.  Want to be a fairy?  Go for it!  Why not?  Want to wear 14 hair bows?  Sure!  Flaunt it if you’ve got it.

(Seriously – have you read the “Fancy Nancy” books?  That’s my kid – and her friends – right now.)

But then, a fellow beribboned, bedazzled, and tu-tu’d gymnast told her it wasn’t possible.

When we left preschool gymnastics a couple of weeks ago, Amelia was quiet and upset.  When I asked her what’s wrong, she told me that another girl in her class told her that she in fact CAN’T be a fairy when she grows up, because they don’t exist and she has to have a “real” job.


These kids are five.


Is it just me?? Or is it a little sad that this other kid already has this mentality?  Yes, a huge part of me felt bad for Amelia, because her little dream world now has a little fracture in it; there’s now a little dark spot of doubt for her that she might not be able to grow up and have the occupation of her dreams: Flying around with a trail of glitter and making rainbows for forest animals to slide down.

But for the most part, I just thought, “Who IS this kid??”  Who is this five-year-old that already has the mentality of what’s a “real” job?  Is her response “accountant” or “political action committee lobbyist” when asked by a classmate what her dream occupation is?

I know that Amelia is the more naive and innocent of the two kiddos in this situation, and that the other girl is most likely just a bit more mature, a bit more of a realist, etc.  But the bleeding-heart momma in me wants to take that girl out into the backyard, weave dandelion necklaces with her, and play make-believe with her with my kids.  Just to have her be a true KID for a little bit longer.  People said it to me so much when I was pregnant: “Enjoy it!” “It goes so fast!” “Before you know it, she’ll be in school!”  I heard it so much I stopped even responding.  But it’s TRUE.  Oh man is it ever true.

Amelia and the Magnifying GlassSo nope.  I’m not going to tell my kid just yet that Tinker Bell isn’t real, or that she’s not going to be able to live in a house made out of dew drops and acorn caps.  And if I’m being honest, part of my reasoning is because I want to see that world through her eyes.  I want to experience a little bit of a world where I’m not worried about bills, politics, the economy, and world peace.  (Reality – laundry and dirty dishes.)

Either way, It’s Not Going to Be an Easy Discussion.  Her Back-Up Plan is “Be a Kid” When She Grows Up.

Had I known that was an option, I would have signed up.  Being an adult is for the birds some days.


At the recent Jamberry International Conference, we had the privilege of listening to the hilarious, inspiring, and PURPOSEFUL Valorie Burton.  Ms. Burton has written several books, is constantly touring the country giving motivational speeches, and is just down-right gut-busting funny.

Her best seller “Successful Women Think Differently” was the basis for her keynote speech on the first day of JamCon2015.

Successful Women Think Differently – With Purpose.

I was reviewing my notes today from conference to really distill the message for a team meeting later this month.  And I was just as inspired thinking back to her talk as I was sitting in front of her at the convention center.  If you ever have the chance to hear this lady speak.  RUN.  RUN your fanny to wherever she is!

Her speech centered around the themes “Be Better, Not Bitter” “Have Purpose,” and “How is someone’s life better because I’m in it?”

In a nutshell, here’s Valorie’s take on PURPOSE.
Valorie Burton Have Purpose

As I said, these are just my notes from sitting in front of her, listening to her life story and being totally mesmerized.  Are you struggling with any of these ideas?  Let’s chat!

Create Your Own Sunshine!

create your own sunshine

Another gray-ish day in Chicagoland – so I’ll be trying to create my own sunshine today!  My parents are here for the weekend, my kiddos are exuberant about it (read: “manic”), and we’re finally passed the “KILL ALL OF THE THINGS” portion of our Whole30.  Things are looking up!

PS – the Whole30 = No joke.  We’ve been pretty strict and we’re feeling good with a ton of energy.  I did have a total fail moment involving a FRESH DONUT, but I think the universe understands.  I think fresh donuts are an exception to just about anything, right?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with fun!  Have a good idea or plan for gray days?  Let us know!!

WIN Mothers’ Day This Year!

It happens every year.  You want to give your mom something for Mothers’ Day that says “Thank you for giving me life, helping me survive learning how to walk up the stairs, and putting up with my crap during high school, all while still loving me.”

Yeah – few gifts can really express that.  (But go ahead and write that in the card – you have my blessin’.)

But this year.  THIS YEAR IS YOUR YEAR.  You can WIN Mothers’ Day this year.

You don’t even have to make a separate trip to the card store.  And the candy is included….  (Is my husband paying attention???  Or –  is YOUR husband paying attention?  Send ’em my way and I’ll hook you up!)

And she doesn't even have to get a babysitter!
And she doesn’t even have to get a babysitter!

Speaking as a mom of two:  For Mothers’ Day, I want a nap.  And after I take a nap (with earplugs in, thank you), I just want to have someone say, “Hey – Thanks!  This is a really tough job!”.  After that, I want to just sit with my family and feel special.  Done deal.

Luckily, Jamberry has come up with the perfect gift for helping the “mom-figure” in your life feel special.  Enough Jams for her to have a gorgeous NO-CHIP manicure for over three months.  Shyeah.  Take that, $45 gift card to the salon for a one-time hack job!  Not only that, but she gets a bottle of Jamberry’s amazing “Ruby” lacquer, available only with this set.  Top it off with some peppermint taffy, tools for a pampering pedi, and this is a gift for Mom that she can use for MONTHS to feel special, not just on one day!  And the best news for YOU?  It will cost you about half the price you’d be putting up to get a mani/pedi appointment at the salon, not to mention all the extras in the box.

Ruby Rose -5 Mother's Day Gift Set

Plus remember – it comes with a card, all ready for you to write, “Thank you for giving me life, helping me survive learning how to walk up the stairs, and putting up with my crap during high school, all while still loving me.”  And with that, you just won Mothers’ Day.

Get it before your sibling does HERE!! 

Mothers’ Day – Exclusive Gift Box!

Mother’s Day Gift Sets go on sale TODAY at 11am CST!!!! Don’t miss out, there is a very LIMITED supply!

The Jamberry Creative Team has created three beautiful exclusive wraps for this set that pair perfectly with the exclusive Ruby lacquer. Since our moms make our lives sweeter (mine especially!  Hi Mom!), Jamberry is sweetening the box with a bag of delicious peppermint taffy. There are ONLY 100,000 gift sets available – and for JUST $45 – and look at everything you get for that price!!

Mother's Day Gift Set

Inside the Ruby & Rose gift box, you will find:
-Ruby lacquer
-3 exclusive nail wraps: Rose, Dearest, Delight
-6 ounce bag of peppermint taffy
-2 toe separators
-Pumice stone with brush
-Mother’s Day postcard
-Nail file
-Orange stick

This is a pretty huge discount – I’m actually kind of stunned by the set, to be honest.   The Holiday gift boxes were pretty good, but these are FANTASTIC! Get yours at 11am CST at http://suzannamayhugh.jamberrynails.net!

Let People See the … Weird, Beautiful, Quirky, Magical

***Commercial Break from the Jamberry Stuff, JamFans.  My kiddos are on my mind!***
Just Be YourselfI saw this image a few months ago on Pinterest (pin ALL the things!!) and it really stood out against all of the DIY toothpaste and popsicle-stick-IPhone holders on the main page.

“Let people see the …. quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are.”    Remember all of the times in middle school and high school when you were SO heartbroken and defeated, and your parents would just keep telling you “Be Yourself” or “You don’t need to change anything about how you look/talk/think/dress”  (Well, a lot of times we needed to change the way we were dressed….)  And at the time, we just *knew* that we had to hide the quirky and imperfect parts of our identities, right?

As I’ve gotten older, I totally get it now.  My kids are amazing.  My daughter is one of the strangest, wildest, most gorgeous and hilarious creatures to ever grace the planet.  My son is following in her footsteps.   I’m really hoping that they hold on to what makes them different and unique – those are the most special parts of their personalities!

Weird and Quirky Post over – back to our regularly scheduled programming next week!! And – Confession: I had NO clue who Mandy Hale was when I first saw the image – and now that I’ve done my Google-ing, I feel like I’m the only one in the world that hadn’t.  **Adds titles to “Must Read” List**

Giving credit where it’s due! Original Image Source