Jamberry’s *NEW* TruShine Gel Manicure System

I just got back from Jamberry’s International Conference, where we were treated to some MAJOR sneak peeks at products to come!  The BIGGEST reveal??  Jamberry’s very own line of LED-cured gel polish!  We got to sample some of the new colors to be offered (Sparkles, too!  Whoop!) along with the gel application process.  Plus… everyone at conference was able to purchase a kit to try out before it’s released in September.  It totally felt like (what I imagine) being at Oprah’s “My Favorite Things” show.  “You get a gel kit!  You get a gel kit!  Everyone gets a gel kit!”


Trying Jamberry’s TruShine Gel for the First Time

My initial thoughts?  REALLY like it.  Glossy, glossy, glossy!  My only complaint – I have to get used to painting my nails again because I’m so used to just wearing the Jamberry wraps!  But that’s on me – not the product!  Overall, I love the results of my first attempt.

TruShineGel First AttemptHere’s the kicker – you can layer it on top of or under your wraps as well.  I layered it OVER the Mother’s Day exclusive in my first go-round.  I love the glossy look, the thickness of the gel, and the extra durability above-and-beyond that of the wrap.   I really like that the light is LED rather than UV and has an auto-timer.  Plus, the kit has some great value – you get manicure tools, soak-off gel remover pads, cuticle oil (total necessity when you have gel nails!), etc.  I haven’t used the remover pads yet, so I can’t weigh in on those!

Jamberry's new TruShine Gel Layered OVER a Jamberry nail wrap.  Plus - my birthday present from Home Office!  Hooray!
Jamberry’s new TruShine Gel Layered OVER a Jamberry nail wrap.
Plus – my birthday present from Home Office! Hooray!

TruShine Gel - Conference ColorI know my pics are pretty crummy (I was too excited about trying it out for the first time!).  Here’s another consultant’s first attempt – she’s obviously been “polishing” up her skills.  See what I did there?

Can’t wait to order?  Pre-order with me now and get FREE shipping!  E-mail me at suzanna.mayhugh@gmail.com and I’ll send you the details!

Rainbow Row – At your Fingertips

My husband and I got married in Charleston, South Carolina.  Ever since I was a little girl, I *knew* that’s where I wanted to have my wedding.  It’s a special place for my family; we’ve gone to Charleston just about every summer since I was a kid.  Also – it was the first place that my hubs ever went on vacation with my family. It’s a place that only has happy memories for me – and it doesn’t hurt that the city itself is gorgeous.

If art class were a city, it would be Charleston: tons of color, style, gardens and flowers hidden around every corner.  Even the alleys look like they’ve been professionally styled for beauty.  Vibrant, happy, and energetic.

One of the most amazing spots to see is Rainbow Row, a portion of East Bay Street close to the water.  If you’re walking from the market area, you’ll pass several restaurants, tourist shops, and bars, then suddenly the street becomes more residential.  But the houses are RAINBOWS.  For real: Source: www.flickr.com,  "erikspictures"

Isn’t it beautiful?  I have ALL of my fingers crossed to win the lottery about 15 times so we could maybe rent the attic space in one of these!  (Seriously – what do these people DO that they can afford to live there?  Someone get on that and let me know!)

So given my obsession with Charleston and color, when I spotted a particular picture of Rainbow Row I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I uploaded it to Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio and a few minutes later, I had these gorgeous Jams designed and ready to go!

Rainbow Row NAS - Watermarked
Jamberry NAS Rainbow Row

I was really hoping they would print out as vibrantly as I imagined them in my mind.  The good news?  THEY DID!  Hooray!


I’ll definitely be sporting these on days when I feel like I need a little Southern Charm in my day!  And I love that even if we won’t be IN Charleston on our anniversary, I can have a bit of Rainbow Row at my fingertips.  Literally.

Spending Time With My Beautiful Grandma

Two weeks ago, we went to visit my parents since my brother and his family would also be there.  My grandma Ruby, 93-years-young, came over that Saturday morning for a little Jamberry manicure session with me.  I was REALLY excited to have the chance just to spend those few minutes with her – kind of like being the eye of the storm in a house full of cousins!   Mostly, it was nice just to do something with her that I’ve never done – and to get to pamper and spoil HER for a change!

Carol's 1st Jamicure
My Mom’s First Jamberry Manicure “Rose-Colored Glasses — She liked it so much that she put it on HER mom’s nails a few months later!

This wasn’t Ruby’s first “Jamicure;” my mom had gone over to Ruby’s house THREE weeks earlier and given Ruby her first Jamicure with “Rose-Colored Glasses,” my mom’s first-ever Jams, too.  When Ruby came over for our manicure session, they still looked perfect!  So that’s a record for my customers – THREE WEEKS and going strong!  And even better – all of her friends in her community were showering her with compliments, and Ruby was preening.  Lesson learned:  No matter the age, when someone looks beautiful, happy, or is just an amazing person, give compliments!!

I love this picture – When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought this was my own mom’s hand. But when I saw the larger size and realized it was my grandmother’s, I got a huge warm and fuzzy family feeling.

For her second try at Jams, Grandma Ruby wanted something a subtle when she came over for me to do her nails.  She picked out “Daydream” from the new catalog – the perfect shell-pink that just goes with everything!  I really loved having those few minutes to just sit and chat one-on-one and get to do something very feminine and fashionably frivolous with Ruby.  She was a VERY hard-working farmer’s wife for the majority of her life, and polished nails were something that I can never remember seeing on her.   So to get to be the one giving her a little something beautiful to smile about every day was truly priceless for me.

TWO weeks later and Grandma Ruby’s Jams are looking great!!

Now – Flash-forward two full weeks.  We went BACK to my parents house for a visit (my kids really can’t get enough grandparent attention, it seems.)  Grandma Ruby came over to help us celebrate Amelia for an early birthday dinner.  The Jams?  Going strong!  She has one finger (the index finger on her left-hand) that she nearly LOST entirely when she was younger, and even on that nail with it’s imperfections, the Jamberry wrap made it look just as pretty and healthy as the rest.  Now, my beautiful and vivacious Grandma Ruby is now my best testimonial.  Her first two manicures with Jamberry wraps have lasted her 5 weeks altogether.  Fantastic!   Also – this just goes to show you – Jamberry truly does have something for EVERYONE.  Rainbows for my four-year-old, florals for me, Rose-Colored Glasses and Marsala Blooms for my mom (her favorites), and Daydream for my grandmother.

Jenne's Day Dream Andrew's Wedding
The Family that Jams Together, Stays Together!

And, funnily enough, my cousin was getting married that day in Key West (we FaceTimed the wedding so Grandma Ruby could watch.  Priceless!!).  Hundreds of miles away, his sister, my cousin Jenne, had chosen to wear Daydream as well.  Only she was without ANY kind of heat source for the Jams except for the stove top in their hotel!!  But as she said, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Two ladies in the family, the exact same choice for nails, hundreds of miles away on the exact same day.   The Jamberry-DNA is strong in our family 🙂

Want to try out “Daydream” for yourself?  This neutral shell-pink is a perfect way to dip your digits into the Jam-Pool!

Check out Daydream here!

The Layered Look – One Week Later!

Last weekend, my little girl asked for “Matching Fancy Fingers” (manicured nails); I took the chance to try out a few new Jamberry products and techniques – here’s your update!  The Layered Look still looks perfect – even a week later!  Leo Geo Lace Haute Pink TimeLapse

I’m actually pretty surprised that the layered Jamberry Nail wraps have lasted this long!  I was worried about the added edges being a recipe for lifting or not getting a good seal.  They’ve actually been just as perfect and budge-free as when I just wear one layer of Jams.  So… I’m pretty well sold on the clear wraps for adding a little extra somethin’ to a manicure!

Did you try layering your Jamberry nail wraps yet?  I’d love to see your pics!  It’s so fun to see all of the different combos!

Is your Bracket Busted?? Don’t Worry – Your Nails Won’t Be!

Is your March Madness Bracket Busted?  My Alma Mater, Michigan State is still in the hunt – Let’s Go State!!  But for those of you who picked the Cinderella Stories (Wichita State and Ron Baker, Valpo? Say it ain’t so!) or the #1 seed that went down in flames, March Madness can quickly turn into March Sadness.  Unless you just jump on the Anti-Kentucky bandwagon, which is always a really great option! March Madness

Fortunately, Jamberry Nails can save you from March Sadness – at least when it comes to your manicure!  Have you seen the officially-licensed NCAA jams??  Check these out!!  Collegiate Craze

Cute, durable, and more long-lasting than the Indiana Hoosiers on game night.  (Zing!)  March Madness has never been SO good-lookin’!  And just like the other Jamberry nail wraps, the NCAA wraps won’t chip, smudge, or budge!  Even better?  They’ll last you all the way through to the championship game!!

Click here to see the entire line-up of schools – and Jamberry is always adding more as NCAA approval rolls in! 

Is your team still in the Tourney??  Also – Notre Dame Fans:  Check out “Shamrockin'” for rooting on your Irish!!

Leopard Print Jamberry Nails – A Subtle Way to Show Off!

Just. No.
Just. No.

Before Jamberry Nails came along, I categorized Leopard Print wardrobe items as belonging solely in Boca Raton or in a smoky bar with sad characters hanging around.  And nothing against Chicos, but I always think that too much leopard can make you look like you’re having a Chicos kind of day.  (Sorry Mom! But you’re the *one* person that can buy outfits from that store and look chic as all get-out!)

A little bit after I joined as a consultant, I saw Jamberry’s “Natural Leopard” wraps – I thought it wasn’t too bad.  Then, I saw the “Gilded Leopard” wraps and thought, “Hey!  Those are kind of cute!”  I even started thinking that maybe it was something I could pull off for a night out.  And the more I saw it, the more I thought, “Sure!  I could do that…every day….” One of my team members has even joked that as far as she’s concerned, Jamberry “Leopard print IS a neutral“! Browns?  Blacks?  Khakis?  Check!

Gold Leopard Jen Bromley TestimonialThis week… one of my VIP customers posted a picture of her manicure (from her purchase in the Walk MS Fundraiser – Yay!).  I LOVE it!! This is the “Gold Leopard” with the new “White Stripe” clear wrap on he ring finger.  Super cute, chic, and something that the new “Jamberry Suzanna” would wear all the time!

How about you?  Animal prints a go or no-go?  I’m still probably a mani-only kind of girl for the leopard, but even that was a no-go for me only a few months ago!

Want to try it out? I have samples of the “Natural Leopard” that could be in your mailbox in a matter of days!  Comment below or send me a message to get your own free sample – and flaunt your animal instinct!

Love the look?  Click here to see it!! 

And PS: This is “Flirty Leopard” mixed with “Pixie” – two NEW designs featured in the Spring/Summer 2015 catalog.  So fun! Flirty Leopard and Pixie

Do Jamberry Nails Actually Work? | “Keep Indianapolis Beautiful” Edition

Indy Poster

I’m living outside of Chicago right now, but I grew up outside of Indianapolis.  My parents would take me and my brother into the city nearly every weekend for some kind of “adventure,” and my dad nearly ALWAYS took any way home but the highway.  So we got to see a ton of the older neighborhoods and areas of the city that you just don’t see driving down I-65.  I LOVE Indianapolis- the people, the skyline, the architecture, and most of all the pride that Hoosiers have in their communities.  So on that note…

My best friend from kindergarten until, well, now, has one of the coolest jobs I can imagine in one of my favorite places in the world.  Libby works for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIBI); the company tries to revitalize green spaces, parks, and neighborhoods through Indy using tons of local volunteers, high school students, and neighbors and encouraging them to take ownership of their own city and surroundings to help it thrive.  KIBI’s vision:

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. sees a vibrant city, with every neighborhood landscape thriving and well, and its people empowered, mobilized, and devoted toward that vision. The result: a city defined by strong neighborhoods; inspired places; and a clean, flourishing environment.


My friend has one of the coolest jobs; she’s the Assistant Manager of the Youth Tree Team (YTT) at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.  Libby works with high school students over the summer on the “Youth Tree Team,” taking high school students all over some of the older neighborhoods in Indianapolis, planting trees and helping clean up forgotten spaces.   Basically, she spends her days planting trees in tucked away corners of the city.  SO COOL.  This is her (and she’s actually pretty girly, despite the F-550 evidence to the contrary):

Libby the Bad Ass and the F-500.  Coming to a neighborhood near you!
Libby the Bad Ass and the F-550. Coming to a neighborhood near you!  Can we just pause for a minute and really let it sink in that this is a FIVE-Fifty?  With a FIVE as the first number.  And a trailer hooked up to the truck.

So – this awesome person just tried Jams for the first time in December, not exactly tree-planting season.  This weekend was one of the first that involved being on the job in a major way.  She has been saying for months that this would be the “true test” for Jamberry Nail wraps – and whether the Jams live up to everything I claim about them. 🙂   For a little extra sparkle, she wore her all-time favorite Jams, “Midnight Celebration,” for the occasion. So, without further ado….

Jams WIN!  Jams WIN!
Jams WIN! Jams WIN!

The result:

AMAZING!!!  Okay – check that out – over a week into her manicure AND a day spend planting trees.  No chips, no scratches, no lifting edges.  Verdict?  Yes, Jamberry Nail wraps actually work! And I love that while LIbby is off helping the amazing city of Indianapolis thrive and be beautiful, she’s looking on-point and sassy with the cutest nails to ever grip the wheel of an F-550.

Love the look?  Midnight Celebration has been one of the top-sellers since it was released! Click here to see it! 

Local to Indy?  Check this out! Youth Tree Team | Keep Indianapolis BeautifulKeep Indianapolis Beautiful.

Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Actually Work??

I hear this question ALL the time, “Do Jamberry Nail Wraps actually work?”  And the answer is…. YES!  Back in December, a party guest, Sarah, purchased some Jams in a friend’s party.  She also booked a party with me (Yay! So fun!) for February.

One thing about hosting a Jamberry party, I really want the HOSTESS to show her friends that, “Yes!  Jamberry Nail Wraps actually do work!”  I always send a few freebies and samples for the hostess to flaunt to her friends so they can see “in real life” that their friend, the hostess, is actually standing behind the product.   Sarah was a Rock Star – flaunting her flawless manicures, telling her skeptical friends how well the Jams were holding up, and PROVING it with pictures. ROCK STAR hostess!

Then… after seeing that Jamberry nails actually do work, Sarah joined my team as a consultant!!! So… She tried them, she liked them.  She tried them again, she LOVED them, and she joined!   And… I did a happy dance.  I LOVE it when a girl really *gets* how great these little things *really* are – and wants to share them just as much as I do!  It really is so fun getting to give people a little boost or smile each day – and Jamberry really does do that! But I digress…

Fast forward to today, when Sarah shared her proof on my Facebook page that…yup… Jamberry Nail Wraps actually do work.  Here’s what she shared:

Sarah's Jams After 12 Days!
Sarah’s “Champagne Toast” and “Sugar and Spice” Jams After 12 Days!

See the healthy nail growth?  See the Jams that look FABULOUS??  This is after 12 days!!  And wait – it gets better!! When I asked Sarah if I could use her picture for this post, here was her response! Sarah - Further Testimonial for 12 day comparisonSo – “Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Actually Work?”  YES!  They really do!  Apply the Jams correctly and you’ll EASILY get these results as well!  Need tips and tricks on how to apply?  Click here for my tips on getting a perfect application. 

Sarah is wearing the “Sugar and Spice” and “Champagne Toast” designs – PERFECT for every day, neutral enough for an office setting, but still fun and sparkly!!

To keep up-to-date on product announcements, tips, and info like this, click here! 

The PERFECT No-Chip Manicure – Tips and Tricks for Applying Jamberry Nails

This post will give you the best tips and tricks that I’ve discovered to getting a flawless, two-week, no-chip manicure using Jamberry Nail wraps.  Follow these tips and you’ll be rocking your Jamicure for up to two weeks!

The biggest tip for a flawless no-chip manicure?  Don’t go to the salon – do it at home!  (Stay with me here….stay with me…)

*photo courtesy dribble.com
*photo courtesy dribble.com

Second: Practice makes Perfect (or so my piano teacher always said…)For Jamberry nail wraps and that *perfect* no-chip manicure, you’ll need to practice!  (Comment below if you need some samples to practice with!)  When you first started painting your nails, did you get it right the first couple of times?  Nope.  It looked like a preschooler took a Sharpie to your hands, right?  Or the first time you tried to do the “smokey eye” look?  Yeah – didn’t quite turn out, did it?  Same goes for Jamberry – so get some samples to practice with (click here if you need some!) and let’s get started!

Third:  “I just don’t know what to wear!” When you’re just starting out with Jamberry and practicing for that perfect application, it’s actually better to use one of the busier patterns or colors.  Why?  Think about the walls in your house – If you pick a solid, high-sheen color, you’re going to see every single imperfection if you haven’t had a lot of experience.  Same with Jamberry!  Any of the “Garden Party” or “Animal Instinct” designs are GREAT for practicing.  Any little application quirks that might show will just fade into the background of the Jam-awesomeness.

*Photo Courtesy of Libby O'Neal
*Photo Courtesy of Libby O’Neal

Fourth:  Prep, Prep, Prep!  For a truly long-lasting no-chip Jamberry Nail wraps manicure, preparation is the BIGGEST determining factor!  So don’t skip the prep!

  • Clean your nails, push back the cuticles (Seriously!!  Don’t skip this part!), and wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol to really be sure to get the oils and lotions off of your nail bed.  (Don’t like rubbing alcohol?  Vinegar works, too.)
  • Gather and Prep your tools – I like to use tweezers, so I wipe those with the rubbing alcohol, too.  You’ll also need the Jamberry mini-heater or a blow-dryer. (*Cough* The heater is amazing! *Cough*)  Gather up a pair of scissors, your favorite nail file, and an orange stick if you have one (tweezers work fine, though!).
  • Get excited.  It’s about to get all sorts of fancy up in here.

Fifth: Size Matters.  That sheet of wraps in front of you??  It’s clear for a reason!!  Hold that baby up to your nails – see how you can find the right size for each nail just by comparing through the clear portion of the sheet?  Okay – get ready for my FAVORITE part about applying Jams:

You will always be told to go DOWN a size.  Your Jamberry nail wraps WANT you to feel happy, pretty, and wonderful.  They *really* do.  You need to wear a SMALLER SIZE than you think.

Isn’t that fabulous?? Where else are you going to be told that you NEED a smaller size?? I love it! Basically, use the size of Jamberry wrap on each nail that will COVER the nail, but NOT your skin.  A little extra sliver of nail showing on the sides is a GOOD thing here – it ensures that you’re sealing the Jam to your NAIL, not overlapping your skin (which leads to buckling, lifting, and all around yuckiness).  If the Jam overlaps or touches the skin, you just aren’t going to get a good (lasting) seal.

Application Steps Visual

Sixth tip for the best Jamberry Nails no-chip manicure: Heat it up and press it down with all of your heart!  I warm the wrap until it’s flexible, apply it, and REALLY press it down, smoothing out any creases, bubbles, and concentrating on the edges.  Then – don’t file or clip off the excess until the wrap has cooled down.  Why?  When it’s cool, the adhesive has bonded to your nail.   Good things come to those who wait!  Then, I like to use a fine-grain file or just good ol’ nail clippers to get the cleanest edge.

I hope this lengthy post gave you a tip or two, or a reminder of some steps not to skip, and help you get the most Jam for your dollar!

Need some great tools or supplies? Click the links here for product info and pricing!

Jamberry Mini-Heater

Application Kit

Cuticle Remover Pen (Brand New!!)