It’s not for every gal, but it IS for me.

Who got through the holidays and sort of forgot to go back to “work”?

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This is maybe my second extended hiatus – the first one ended after I went to JamCon2015 and felt all sorts of amazing feels relating to all things Jamberry.   This time, it was another girl on my team just reminding me how much fun our team is, how nice it is to spoil our littles with treats every now and then and not feel guilty for it.


PLUS – I took Amelia to the nail salon for a “Mommy and Me” manicure – and it DESTROYED my nails.  I cheated on Jams and I paid for it.  But now… I’m BACK, babies!!


Which leads me to this post:

Jamberry: It’s not for every gal, but it IS for me.

I know that not everyone loves Jamberry – either the nail wraps, the gels, the lacquers.  Trust me – from some of the comments on this page to some of the nastier guests at parties, I get it.  There are a ton of things out there that I have the same vitriolic response to when I try them (albeit a lot quieter since I’m afraid to piss anyone off by saying, “Uh – thanks, but Shakeology made me want to die fat.”)

Be a Nice Human.jpg
Image Credit: Oh My Deer Paper Gifts and Hand Lettering on Etsy.  Go there.  The stuff is beautiful!  

So here’s my take on it.

The nail wraps work for me.  They didn’t work perfectly at first and I had some major trial-and-error, but they work.  I don’t have time or money to go to a salon, and I don’t have the time or talent to do the nail art for myself.  Plus, my kid LOVES the Jamberry Juniors.

Remember that “Mommy and Me” manicure I just mentioned?  Amelia’s lasted two days.  DAYS.  Her shortest Jamicure has lasted over a full week.  (Her record is three weeks: the Halloween peacocks.)

Here’s *why* I think they worked for me:


  1.  I didn’t give up after my first try (when I honestly thought, “well, this is kind of a bust.”)  I had three packages of the silly things, so I just kept practicing.  I’d already paid for all of it, I might as well see if I could get them to work.
  2. I use the Jamberry mini-heater.  Yes, they work with a blowdryer.  Yes, you *could* hold them in front of the vent in the car while blasting full-heat.  For me – those things didn’t work, were cumbersome, or sent everything on the kitchen table blowing across the room.  That, my friends, did *not* work for me.
  3. I make sure to leave a small gap around the edges of my nails (along the cuticles), so I know for sure that the Jams aren’t overlapping any skin.  That’s the Kiss O’ Death for nail wraps.
  4. I have fun with it.  I don’t take it too seriously.  I have fun with my team.  I’m not trying to be the next Queen of the Jam World Exec.  I’m just trying to pay for pizza night.

Advice for Success with Jamberry:

First, have fun.  If you like the idea, keep trying it out.

Second, buy the mini-heater.  If you end up not liking Jamberry after trying them with that, you can always use it as a hand warmer!


But mostly, if you find you don’t like them, that’s totally fine.  Just be careful when you go to a salon and make sure you go for the gentlest options for removal.  Pick 5-free formulas.  Supports some of the amazing nail-art peeps that make Instagram such a fantastic place.





Yeah – But what does it *actually* look like?

Online parties are great for reaching a bunch of people, being introduced to something new without having to wear pants, and pretending that there’s a really serious reason that you HAVE to be on Facebook or Pinterest.  All night.

But there’s one problem – pictures of the catalog don’t do justice to the designs, colors, and possibilities for products.  Many times, I’m left thinking…

Yeah – But what does it *actually* look like?

Of course the catalog picture is beautiful.  And of course the designs look gorgeous on the hand models in staged pictures.  But what about in real life?!?  What do the colors actually look like when not in a beautiful color blob? Well, for all you nail lacquer and polish girls, check THESE out!

Nail Lacquers 12
TruShine Gel Enamel
Nail Lacquers 13
TruShine Gel Enamel
Nail Lacquers 11
TruShine Gel Enamel
Nail Lacquers 10
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquers 9
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquers 8
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquers 7
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquers 6
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquers 5
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquers 4
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquers 3
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquers 2
Jamberry Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquer 1
Jamberry Nail Lacquer


To get these colors on your hands  –  in real life – check out my shop HERE!!

Removing Jamberry Wraps – Even When Layered with GEL!

Does the gel damage your nails? Do the wraps damage your nails?  How do you take them off?

I get these questions all the time from people who are curious about Jamberry products, but haven’t given them a try yet. Lately, I’ve been absolutely hooked on layering the Jamberry wraps with the TruShine gel enamel system.  I love the look of the wraps, the extra durability and strength from the gel, and the ease of removal.

That’s right – an EASY removal with a gel manicure.  What?

Here’s the secret!  Love a Jamberry design?  Put in on FIRST like a normal Jamicure, then apply the TruShine base and top coats as normal – layered OVER the wraps.  You get a diamond-hard glossy top coat that will protect your nails – and still be a gorgeous and fun manicure.

Then, because you’ve layered the gel on the WRAP, and not your nail bed, you can remove the whole shebang just like removing wraps.  I tested it out after hearing about this magic – check it out!

MAGIC.  Take a look at my nails after I’ve removed the wraps.  No flaking, no white spots, no cracks.  Like I said in the video, there are very few things that I really try to “upsell,” as most people call it.  Orange sticks?  Get them at a drugstore.  Rubbing alcohol wipes?  Same.  Buy ’em in bulk.  But the LACQUER REMOVER.  It’s WORTH it.  When I use Jamberry’s lacquer remover, my nails are healthy, strong, and moisturized.  The wraps come off in seconds with no resistance or pulling.  It’s acetone-free, so it’s not drying on my cuticles.  If there’s ONE product that you COULD get elsewhere on the cheap but SHOULDN’T, it’s the lacquer remover.  Trust, girls.  Trust.  You can find it here!

So there you have it! An easy damage-free way to wear gel, have the look that only Jamberry can give you, all while saving money by doing it at home!

Remember – this is JUST for when you’re wearing the gel on top of your Jams, NOT when you have the gel directly on your nails. ***If you have a straight-up gel-only TruShine manicure, you’ll need to follow the soak-off removal process that I’ve shown you before.  It takes about 10 minutes – and is WORTH it to be able to do it at home, with zero damage, and the only person you have to tip is yourself!! ***

Stay Tuned!

Want more info on the TruShine and Fall Catalog release?   More video tutorials?  Sign up HERE for the newsletter and get subscriber-exclusive promos, tips, and tricks!  

Sail Away with Stylebox – Real Life Jams

Interested in Stylebox?

Every month Jamberry releases a video teaser about what’s to come in the Stylebox subscription package.  Sometimes, I just need to see it from someone that’s actually tried it to get excited about it.  This month is one of those months!

I saw the video preview and thought it was CUTE, but I wasn’t so sure whether I’d want to be walking around with a sailboat mani.  But now.  NOW.  Check out this picture posted by a teammate of mine – with flawless application and a great mixed manicure!

August Stylebox
Photo Credit: Jenny Fancher.

What do YOU think?  I’d love to hear it in the comments!

If you LOVE these and just have to have them, time is running OUT!  Stylebox subscriptions for the month cut-off on the 15th – so act fast if you want your subscription to start THIS month! You can find out more info here! 

Lessons Learned from JamCon – (a.k.a. Girls’ Week Away!)

I spent a huge part of last week at the Jamberry International Conference at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.  I went with my sister-in-law, a handful of gals from our immediate team, and 5000 of my closest Jam Friends.  Here’s what I’m taking from the experience!

  • The Gaylord Texan is ENORMOUS.  It’s quite possibly the size of my hometown when I was a kid.  There was a RIVERWALK.  With a “real” river.  (Ahem – man-made.)  The picture below?  It doesn’t even show the gargantuan glass atrium, complete with bell tower, the water park, or a huge portion of the convention center.   You can work off your margarita(s) just by trying to find your room.  And that water park?  You have to take a SHUTTLE to get to it because the property is so big.
  • Gaylord Texan
    The Gaylord Texan Pic:

    wA good lazy river is better than therapy.  We showed up after an insanely early flight out of Chicago (hat tip: United Airlines!).  I was coming off of a few manic days with my kiddos, who were beyond excited that their grandparents were watching them while I was gone and my husband was at work.  Candy-store levels of excitement.  Which means I was certifiable levels of crazy.

    But that lazy river… We stopped for lunch (nachos – see below) and immediately made our way over there.  Via hotel shuttle, because TEXAS!! After hanging on the inner tube for a few trips around, I became a normal person again.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my little babies to the moon and back.  And I was expecting to feel guilt-beyond-measure about being away.  The lazy river solved that one.  (Until my sis saw a couple of cute redheads that reminded her of her boys she left home, at which point we jumped back in the tubes and did our water therapy a little longer.

    Pro Tip:  If you go, there are some MAJOR jets and waterfalls going on at this attraction.  So keep your wits about you.  You’ve been warned.

Lazy River
The Gaylord Texan Lazy River Pic:
  • You can in fact laugh until your core muscles refuse to hold your body upright.  Hot Jam – you can take the girls to a professional event, but you can’t make them act like grown-ups.
  • Our CEO is a pretty awesome person to be leading a company filled with moms.  Most people familiar with Jamberry know that it was founded by three sisters who wanted an at-home option for no-chip manicures.  Some people even know that the husband of one of the sisters, Adam Hepworth,  is our CEO.  I had heard him speak several times via leader calls and YouTube videos on our dashboard, so I knew he came across as a very likeable and approachable person.  He and his wife have a newborn little boy, who made the trip from Utah to Dallas with them for conference.

    At one of the meetings on leadership, he was scheduled to give our presentation.  But… his wife was exhausted and occupied and the baby was asleep in his stroller.  So he did what any dad would do: He walked that kid back and forth in the stroller to keep him from waking up.  You know the drill.  Except he did it while addressing the leaders of the organization, many of whom happen to be moms.

    Check it out:

    (Photo Courtesy of S. Normand)
    (Photo Courtesy of S. Normand)
  • NACHOS.  Seriously.  If you ever go to the Gaylord, go to the Riverwalk Cantina and get the Nachos.  Wear your eating pants.  You can easily feed a couple of people with this plate of happiness.  Which is good, since the plate of happiness is kind of spendy.
  • Five-thousand women in one room learning about new products?  The loudest experience of my life.


  • My team of girls is inspiring, hilarious, and down-to-earth. I just wish my sis was in the picture – but she was busy being recognized at the EXECUTIVE dinner.  Holla!
  • PaJAMaPartyA 35th birthday should be spent dancing with your girlfriends.

    Birthday Selfie Suz and Meg

  • Or standing in line to ride a bull (I cannot express how thankful I am that the line was too long for it to actually happen.) Also – Peacock Jams!

    Suz at Denim Diamonds
    How this happened: “Hey! Let’s give Suz Jamberry Punch and challenge her to ride the mechanical bull!” – The most maniacal SIL in the world
  • Liquor licenses in Texas are either extremely lax or super easy to skirt around.

TX Liquor Laws are Interesting

Mostly, I learned that I can give over control to my hubs and everything will be perfect.  It reaffirmed that my sister-in-law is my best friend and I’m so happy to be doing this with her.  I learned that total strangers can become some really amazing friends.  And that a CEO will push a sleeping baby back-and-forth in a stroller while giving an important presentation.  Because Hell hath no fury like an awakened baby.


So we’ve talked before about glitter nail polish.  And the battle to get it off of your nails once it starts chipping (you know – the day after you put it on).  *Le sigh.*

Glitter Polish Meme

Admittedly, I have a problem with sparkly and glittery manicures.  I just can’t give them up.  When my sister-in-law told me about Jamberry a few months ago, I totally didn’t believe her when she told me that you could remove the wraps with just coconut oil.  Even the glittery sparkly prismatic wraps can come off with COCONUT OIL, she said.   Whuuut?

True. Story.   So now, my sparkly manicures are BACK.  With a vengeance.  I love this “Rose Gold Sparkle” – and because I’m crazy for color and combos, I’m wearing it this week with “Botanical Gardens.”  I’m doing everything I can to push the world a little closer to Spring, people.  Help me out!

Rose Gold Botanica Gardens Rose Gold Botanical Gardens

Mangled cuticles courtesy of last weekend’s gardening and this week’s toddler shenanigans.  Lovely, eh?  But that’s how you k now it’s my pic – and not some amazing hand model.  Because let’s face it, in the pics above, the cuticles are your *only* tip-off that these are not the hands of a hand model, amiright? 😉 But when I got to take them off with a little bit of warm coconut oil, those nail beds and cuticles will be super happy.  And I won’t have glitter all over my hands (and bathroom) for three months.  Win.

Check out all 60 + options for the Glitter Goodness here! 

Jams vs. MAJOR Lawn Clean-Up – Including a Wood Chipper!

Jams Vs ChipperHow do Jamberry Nails hold up to serious lawn clean-up – including tree-trimming and using a wood chipper, you ask?

Oh, you didn’t ask?  But now you’re curious, right?

Almost exactly one year ago, we moved into our house – and have been tackling projects one-by-one to make it our own.  The yard has been a HUGE project.  The last few families to live in the house either didn’t care about it and left it to go wild, or added just about every possible plant you could imagine – letting it go wild.

Little-by-little we’re slowly taking it back and “taming it.”  It’s an ENORMOUS yard, which we’re really happy about given that our kids need every chance they can get to run around like crazed hyenas.  But – every single border of it is basically a forest of Buckthorn trees.  They’re pretty, but terrible for kids to crash into – and they propagate like the Jolie-Pitt family.  (This is the most invasive tree EVER** – every day I feel like I’m pulling 5 or six new ones from every square foot of our yard. **Probably not true at all.)

Tackling the Buckthorns – with no gloves!

Buck Thorn TreesSo this weekend, my husband and I decided to tackle at least ONE border of the yard.  This is what we were up against – tree-height bramble of thorns, branches, and scratchy limbs.  (Side note – my really fabulous, patient, loving, and not-at-all-bitter-that-I-started-this-project husband is STILL picking thorns out of his hands.  And he was actually wearing gloves!)

On Friday, I wanted a new manicure, so I put on the March Stylebox wraps – the “March Matteness” floral chevron design.  CUTE.  And then I woke up on Saturday just knowing that *that* was the day we reclaimed huge portions of our yard.

For the first day, I just used a pair of garden loppers and trimmed smaller branches.  But… I totally forgot to wear gloves, so I was ripping these branches out and dragging them bare-handed to a big pile.  Not fun.  When I got sick of that, I started pulling up the weed-trees instead (SO satisfying.  Die, thorns, die!).  Again, forgot my gloves.  At this point I had the hands of Tom Hanks from Castaway.  Scraped up, caked with dirt, looking like they’d never seen a bar of soap.

At the end of the day, we had some major piles that needed to be taken care of, so we don’t get large animals making burrows in our yard.  I SCRUBBED my hands with my trusty scrubbing brush that has never really been used for dishes to clean off the mud and muck.  A liberal dose of Neosporin, then on to the next day.

Day Two: In which Jamberry Nails stand up to a Wood Chipper better than that dude in “Fargo”

So…. Jeff bought a wood chipper.  I LOVE it.  (I never thought I’d write those two sentences in my life.)  It vacuums leaves, shreds smaller twigs and sticks, and chips up small branches and sticks through a feeder.  (Instant mulch! Crazy Garden Lady is happy!) Basically, there’s a little chute that you shove the branches in, and they come out looking like gerbil bedding.  Fabuloso.

One problem – this thing is SERIOUS work.  Sweaty, hot, back-breaking, skin-scraping work. I remembered to wear my gloves, but even with them, the thorns from the Buckthorn branches were killer.  Like I said, Jeff is still picking thorns and splinters out of his palms.  (Love you, buddy!).

We worked almost all day on Saturday and until the rain started yesterday – another 5 or 6 hours of work.  The worst part – we’re not even half-way done with the ONE side of the yard we had wanted to tackle in a day.  So…. I know what we’re doing every weekend in May!  But the Jams… LIKE A BOSS.  There are a few spots at the tips that are a little worn where they got scraped by the thorns or rocks, but for the most part?  Good to go! If you aren’t studying them, you’d never know!  MUCH better than any polish or lacquer manicure after a weekend of yard work! My cuticles need some serious TLC now from getting scratched by the thorny branches, but my nails are still looking great!

March Matteness after Yard Work
Left: My hands and my Jams after a few days of HARD yard clean-up! Right: Close-up to show near-perfect Jams, despite mangled cuticles and scratches from the Buckthorn branches!

Interested in learning more?  Check out the entire line of designs here! 

How Long do Jamberry Nails Last? Another “Real Life Jams” Jamberry Review

Wondering how long you can expect your Jamberry Nails to look great?

The answer is:  Your Jamberry Nail wraps should look fantastic for two weeks – with no chips, no smudges, and no lifting.  

Kelly's Quilted Comparison
Kelly has on “Quilted” (current) and “Raspberry Sparkle” (retired). Check out that healthy nail growth! Jams win!!

My friend Kelly posted this picture of her Jams to show how her manicure lasted.  Kelly has a little girl that’s starting to toddle around; Kelly is constantly chasing after that sweet girl right now.  She also has diapers duty, constant hand-washing, dishes, a dog to walk (and all that entails), cooks EVERY SINGLE MEAL (whoa.), and just lives a busy life.  And this is how her Jamberry nails hold up!

Are you having trouble getting your Jamberry nail wraps to last a full two-weeks?  The trick is trial-and-error.  there are a ton of little “tweaks” in the application process that you can use to make sure you’re tailoring the wraps to YOUR nails: your nail shape, your body chemistry, and your daily life.  I like to reheat my nails every few days with the mini-heater and just give them a little bit of pressure by rubbing them with a rubber-tipped cuticle pusher.  It just “refreshes” the entire Jamicure and gets me several more days – and more bang for my buck!

**Tip Time**:  Kelly says that when she’s filing off the excess wrap at the tips, she actually files at a 45-degree angle to file off the tiniest sliver of the wrap at the tip of the nail.  Then she gives them another good dose of heat and pressure at the tip to make sure the seal is nice and tight.  Such a great little trick to keep the wrap from extending over the tip of your nail!

WIN Mothers’ Day This Year!

It happens every year.  You want to give your mom something for Mothers’ Day that says “Thank you for giving me life, helping me survive learning how to walk up the stairs, and putting up with my crap during high school, all while still loving me.”

Yeah – few gifts can really express that.  (But go ahead and write that in the card – you have my blessin’.)

But this year.  THIS YEAR IS YOUR YEAR.  You can WIN Mothers’ Day this year.

You don’t even have to make a separate trip to the card store.  And the candy is included….  (Is my husband paying attention???  Or –  is YOUR husband paying attention?  Send ’em my way and I’ll hook you up!)

And she doesn't even have to get a babysitter!
And she doesn’t even have to get a babysitter!

Speaking as a mom of two:  For Mothers’ Day, I want a nap.  And after I take a nap (with earplugs in, thank you), I just want to have someone say, “Hey – Thanks!  This is a really tough job!”.  After that, I want to just sit with my family and feel special.  Done deal.

Luckily, Jamberry has come up with the perfect gift for helping the “mom-figure” in your life feel special.  Enough Jams for her to have a gorgeous NO-CHIP manicure for over three months.  Shyeah.  Take that, $45 gift card to the salon for a one-time hack job!  Not only that, but she gets a bottle of Jamberry’s amazing “Ruby” lacquer, available only with this set.  Top it off with some peppermint taffy, tools for a pampering pedi, and this is a gift for Mom that she can use for MONTHS to feel special, not just on one day!  And the best news for YOU?  It will cost you about half the price you’d be putting up to get a mani/pedi appointment at the salon, not to mention all the extras in the box.

Ruby Rose -5 Mother's Day Gift Set

Plus remember – it comes with a card, all ready for you to write, “Thank you for giving me life, helping me survive learning how to walk up the stairs, and putting up with my crap during high school, all while still loving me.”  And with that, you just won Mothers’ Day.

Get it before your sibling does HERE!!