Last Chance for these Limited-Release Designs!

This week is your last chance for the Spring Holiday Limited-Release designs from Jamberry!  They’ll be disappearing from my website, on April 15th!  Eek!

“Love Spell”, “Shamrockin'”, and “Tickled Pink” are my absolute faves on this list of soon to be gone forever limited-release designs, but my little girl LOVES the “Wee Bit Charmed.”  And with Jamberry’s Buy-Three-Get-One-Free, you can stock up at save $15 on your order!!

Combine and Save!  Add a few retiring designs, then add a new catalog design for FREE!
Combine and Save! Add a few retiring designs, then add a new catalog design for FREE!

Are you a Notre Dame Football Fan?  Shamrockin’ is for YOU – order it now so that you’ll have it for those fall tailgating parties!  Have plans for a Mother’s Day Brunch?  Tickled Pink and Spring Fling for a Mommy-and-Me Manicure session is a great way to get in a few bonding moments with your little one.

Remember – these will be gone FOREVER – not re-released next year!  Find yours in the Fashionable Festive section of my website HERE! 

Spring Holiday Collage for Blog

And don’t forget – Newsletter subscribers will be added to a raffle drawing for the Mother’s Day gift box with every Buy-Three-Get-One-Free Purchase in April!  

Rockin’ the Shamrock with Jamberry Nails

I am LOVING my current manicure: Shamrockin’ from Jamberry!  It’s a SUPER sparkly Shamrock design with an ombre background that glitters like a pot o’ gold in the sunlight.  (Pot o’ gold – see what I did there?)   Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

*Confession – Before I show you this super fabulous Shamrock Manicure, I need to say it: I have never understood thematic manicures.  Santa hats and Easter egg designs?  They weren’t for me.  Until Jamberry.  Now I’m all up in the “Fashionably Festive” category of Jamberry designs like I’m planning parades and nail pageants!)

Along the lines of yesterday’s post: (Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Actually Work?), I thought I’d share with you the current state of my sparklelicious* Shamrock Jamberry Nails – basically, they’re just as good as the day I applied!!

Shamrockin Comparison

I’m actually onto Day 6 of “Shamrockin” at this point – and despite doing laundry and playing outside with my kiddos yesterday afternoon, they’re still looking fresh!  I like sharing my own or my customer’s pics for a huge reason – you can see that Jams look great even “in real life” – without professional hand-models, studio lighting, and nail techs.  You really can use Jams at home and love your results!!!

I love this manicure so much that I’m probably going to stock up for next year – because it goes off the website in the middle of April!  YIKES!!!  Know a Fighting Irish fan??  Shamrockin‘ would be PERFECT for tailgating at the Fall games!!

Shop Shamrockin’ here! 

Check out all of the cute “Fashionably Festive” designs here! 

*Sparklelicious – Made up the word.  Feel free to bring it into your daily vocab.