February Stylebox

I’ve said it a few times, but if you KNOW you love Jamberry, Stylebox is the WAY TO GO.  And if you’re just trying it, Stylebox is the way to go.

First: It’s a deal.  You get more product than it would cost to buy it all separately.

Second: That whole “What’s your style?” quiz finally means something, unlike the MLB All-Star game.  The winner actually determines what comes in your box.  Each category gets different stuff.  (You can pre-select each month in case there’s a pretty amazing something-or-other in a different category.)

Third: For those of us in this world that have trouble looking like we’ve even SEEN a fashion magazine, Stylebox is like a little Fashion Fairy delivered to your mailbox every month.  The products go together, come with tips for wearing them, etc.

And last.  The biggest reason to subscribe:  FREE SHIZZ.  Every couple of months there’s a major bonus product – either an extra bottle of lacquer, eye shadow, lipstick, or extra sheet of wraps.  In January, it was a voucher for 2 free Chatbooks.  So yeah – the swag is worth it.

The February Stylebox has a magical freebie in it:


Shyeah.  Did you see that “Shattered Glass” stuff?  That design that looked like unicorn tears running down the windows on the Barbie Dreamhouse?  That’s this month’s freebie, and you can only get it in the February Stylebox.

Stylebox Information, Quiz, and Details HERE! 

Jamberry’s *NEW* TruShine Gel Manicure System

I just got back from Jamberry’s International Conference, where we were treated to some MAJOR sneak peeks at products to come!  The BIGGEST reveal??  Jamberry’s very own line of LED-cured gel polish!  We got to sample some of the new colors to be offered (Sparkles, too!  Whoop!) along with the gel application process.  Plus… everyone at conference was able to purchase a kit to try out before it’s released in September.  It totally felt like (what I imagine) being at Oprah’s “My Favorite Things” show.  “You get a gel kit!  You get a gel kit!  Everyone gets a gel kit!”


Trying Jamberry’s TruShine Gel for the First Time

My initial thoughts?  REALLY like it.  Glossy, glossy, glossy!  My only complaint – I have to get used to painting my nails again because I’m so used to just wearing the Jamberry wraps!  But that’s on me – not the product!  Overall, I love the results of my first attempt.

TruShineGel First AttemptHere’s the kicker – you can layer it on top of or under your wraps as well.  I layered it OVER the Mother’s Day exclusive in my first go-round.  I love the glossy look, the thickness of the gel, and the extra durability above-and-beyond that of the wrap.   I really like that the light is LED rather than UV and has an auto-timer.  Plus, the kit has some great value – you get manicure tools, soak-off gel remover pads, cuticle oil (total necessity when you have gel nails!), etc.  I haven’t used the remover pads yet, so I can’t weigh in on those!

Jamberry's new TruShine Gel Layered OVER a Jamberry nail wrap.  Plus - my birthday present from Home Office!  Hooray!
Jamberry’s new TruShine Gel Layered OVER a Jamberry nail wrap.
Plus – my birthday present from Home Office! Hooray!

TruShine Gel - Conference ColorI know my pics are pretty crummy (I was too excited about trying it out for the first time!).  Here’s another consultant’s first attempt – she’s obviously been “polishing” up her skills.  See what I did there?

Can’t wait to order?  Pre-order with me now and get FREE shipping!  E-mail me at suzanna.mayhugh@gmail.com and I’ll send you the details!

When asked, “What do you DO?”

As a stay-at-home-mom, I get asked quite a bit, “What do you do all day?”  Basically, I sit around on my fanny reading books while the fairies take care of cleaning my home.


We won’t even go there with this post.  But I ALSO get asked quite a bit as far as Jamberry is concerned.  My new favorite response:

Help feel pretty - college

So true.  Little tiny things can make us feel pretty – inside and out.  Having your hair done?  Makes you feel pretty on the outside, “with it” on the inside.  Same as a new outfit, a pair of trendy shoes, etc.  They all seem like superficial things, but they can also be huge confidence boosters.  I know when I take the extra minute to get out of my Mom-Uniform (yoga pants, flip flops, shirt one step above a tee…), I feel like the whole day is off to a good start. (My hubs says the same for just putting shoes on in the house.  That you’ll feel like you can get up and do “stuff.”)

Having my nails done does *that* for me – I feel a little more put together, I feel a little better about my appearance, and I feel like I made an effort for myself.  It’s small.  It’s tiny.  But it puts a smile on my face.

My life as a Stay-at-Home-Mom is equal parts fulfilling and frustrating.  On the same day that one kiddo learns to read, the other may, literally, bite me.   Or the little guy might have a great nap and wake up cuddly, while the big kiddo just wants to whine.  All. Day.  I’ve learned from my mom that I really do need to stop and focus on the good stuff – no matter how small!

It brings Glamour

And as to why Jamberry instead of a salon?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Interested?  Our Sneak Peek in the team is coming up.  Want to have nice nails, help pay for some “extras”, and have fun earning some side money?  Come at me, bro!

Want to Know What it’s Like – From the Inside?

My team is having a Sneak Peek next week!  If you’ve ever been interested in seeing what my team has for support, documents, perks, fun, and earnings, this is a great opportunity!

Sneak Peek Backstage Pass

Want to try it, but aren’t sure if you’d be getting in over your head?  Have you wondered if you have to start “from scratch”?  My sister-in-law, my good friend Kelly, and I will be running the Sneak Peek from Sunday, May 31st until Monday, June 1st.  Two days of info, games, and getting to know our team.  You’ll see the support we have from other teammates, the HUGE resource pools that we all share, and mostly – the relationships that we’ve formed as Jamberry consultants.  It’s been such a fun and motivating experience!

Want in on the fun??  Comment below or send me your email address to suzanna.mayhugh@gmail.com asking to be included!

Sneak Peek into May’s StyleBox

Who’s ready for a sneak peek into Jamberry’s May Stylebox? 

Check out this video showing us the BRAND NEW “Satin” finish that Jamberry is rolling out!


1.  Sure, I could do without the MomJeans Brand shorts in the opening style.

2.  But the POLKAS!!  Love me some polka dots.  And they’re shiny!!

3.  I love that Jamberry has been rewarding Stylebox subscribers by giving them sneak peeks into brand new products!

Love what you see in the Sneak Peek into May’s Stylebox?

There are a few things to know about Jamberry’s subscription service.  First, if you like *this* month’s designs, you’ll need to sign up before the 15th of the month.  Otherwise, your subscription will start with NEXT month’s fabulous surprises.  Second, Jamberry has recently changed the products included.  Instead of only ONE subscriber-exclusive product, the Jamberry products inside (the designs, the freebies, etc.), are ONLY available to Stylebox subscribers.

You’ll always get at least $30 of JamSwag in each Stylebox (it’s usually closer to around $40-$45) for the $25/month subscription, plus free shipping.  Winner, winner!

My favorite thing about Stylebox?  I know that at least once a month, I’ll have a happy little moment at the mailbox!!


Want your own Happy Mail day in May??  You better believe you do after watching the Sneak Peek into May’s Stylebox!  Take the fun “Signature Style” Quiz, see more Stylebox videos, and sign up HERE! 

Sneak Peek into Being Behind-the-Scenes as a Jamberry Consultant!

It’s no secret that I LOOOOOVE being a Jamberry independent consultant.  But here’s your chance to give it a try BEFORE you officially join and go behind-the-scenes as a Jamberry Consultant!  My team is having a “Sneak Peek” on Facebook for our group team page this coming Monday and Tuesday (March 30th and 31st) – if you’re interested, I’d love to share the chance with you!!  At the end of the Peek, if you’re not interested, we just say “goodbye” and go about our merry ways.  If you’ve joined up, you’ll be a part of one of the best teams in JamHistory!  (If I say so myself….)

Sneak Peek- March

For our Sneak Peek, we add you to our group page for those two days.  We answer questions, give away prizes, provide info and show you how the team works together to give everyone the best start possible as a consultant.  Also – you learn all about getting these Jams at a discount – and getting paid to have pretty nails! 

Jamberry has been absolutely transformative for me.  I’ve reclaimed my identity as a professional, not *just* as a mom; I’m earning enough monthly to help pay for my kiddos to go to the local Montessori school, a dream of ours; and I get to see the same amazing transformations every day with my teammates.  The “side effects” of being a part of Jamberry have been both numerous and priceless!

Up for a Sneak Peek?  Send me an e-mail or comment below!   I would LOVE to share the opportunities that I’ve had since joining in August!