February Stylebox

I’ve said it a few times, but if you KNOW you love Jamberry, Stylebox is the WAY TO GO.  And if you’re just trying it, Stylebox is the way to go.

First: It’s a deal.  You get more product than it would cost to buy it all separately.

Second: That whole “What’s your style?” quiz finally means something, unlike the MLB All-Star game.  The winner actually determines what comes in your box.  Each category gets different stuff.  (You can pre-select each month in case there’s a pretty amazing something-or-other in a different category.)

Third: For those of us in this world that have trouble looking like we’ve even SEEN a fashion magazine, Stylebox is like a little Fashion Fairy delivered to your mailbox every month.  The products go together, come with tips for wearing them, etc.

And last.  The biggest reason to subscribe:  FREE SHIZZ.  Every couple of months there’s a major bonus product – either an extra bottle of lacquer, eye shadow, lipstick, or extra sheet of wraps.  In January, it was a voucher for 2 free Chatbooks.  So yeah – the swag is worth it.

The February Stylebox has a magical freebie in it:


Shyeah.  Did you see that “Shattered Glass” stuff?  That design that looked like unicorn tears running down the windows on the Barbie Dreamhouse?  That’s this month’s freebie, and you can only get it in the February Stylebox.

Stylebox Information, Quiz, and Details HERE! 

Sail Away with Stylebox – Real Life Jams

Interested in Stylebox?

Every month Jamberry releases a video teaser about what’s to come in the Stylebox subscription package.  Sometimes, I just need to see it from someone that’s actually tried it to get excited about it.  This month is one of those months!

I saw the video preview and thought it was CUTE, but I wasn’t so sure whether I’d want to be walking around with a sailboat mani.  But now.  NOW.  Check out this picture posted by a teammate of mine – with flawless application and a great mixed manicure!

August Stylebox
Photo Credit: Jenny Fancher.

What do YOU think?  I’d love to hear it in the comments!

If you LOVE these and just have to have them, time is running OUT!  Stylebox subscriptions for the month cut-off on the 15th – so act fast if you want your subscription to start THIS month! You can find out more info here! 

Sail Away – Stylebox Subscription Service!

Like getting fun mail every month?  Are you a fan of StitchFix, BirchBox, or the Ipsy bag?

The Stylebox Subscription Service is for YOU!

kawaii-happy-mail-700x700There are several things that I LOOOOVE about Stylebox.

First and foremost: Happy Mail.  Sure, most of our bill are e-bills now, but it’s still fun to go to the mailbox and get something other than catalogs, coupon packs, and the daily realtor postcards.  (Daily.)

The second thing I love about Jamberry’s Stylebox is that the products inside are all exclusive.  You can ONLY get what’s in the box by being a subscriber.  It’s a fun little treat in a world of “every girl here is wearing the exact same dress from Target…” experiences.  It just makes you FEEL special to GET something special!!

The third thing I love about Stylebox: The suggestions for how to wear it.  I’m a Jam-loving, crazy-color lady.  But sometimes I really just don’t know how to mix-and-match without looking like a preschooler did my nails.  (And let’s be honest; a lot of time a preschooler HAS picked out my jams….)  Every month Jamberry sends out a YouTube video with all of the combos they suggest, as well as to do given the look that you’re trying to achieve.  Here’s this month’s!

One of the VERY best parts goes back to the exclusivity.  Jamberry tries out new products very often, or just rewards their subscribers with a little something extra.  In January, they threw in an amazingly pink pouty lipstick.  Another month we got nail art stencils.  My favorite is when there’s a catalog change coming – you get to be the first to get your hands on the new designs.  Jamberry sends EXCLUSIVE samples from the new catalog – which you can only get in the Stylebox.  Jackpot.

Lastly – I like that the plan is flexible.  A ton of subscription services make you sign up for a full year or 6 months.  With Stylebox, you can do 3, 6, or 12 month plans – with month-to-month subscriptions when your plan is over if you want to keep going!

This month’s Stylebox is “Sail Away.” Nautical blues and a nod to summer sailing make this a super cute way to send off summer!  Only available to order until August 15th – so you need to act fast!! 
Sail Away StyleboxYup.  Cute.  Are you a subscriber?? What do you think about this month’s Stylebox by Jamberry??

June Stylebox – Now with 100% more Metallic Tattoos!

All over fashion mags, in stores, even on Zulily this Spring, I’m seeing Metallic temporary tattoos and “temporary jewelry” – like gorgeous glimmery-glittery temporary tattoos for grown ups.  I can’t believe I wrote that sentence.   But I’m excited about it!

Tell me there’s glimmer and I’m sold.

Jamberry has absolutely “brought home the GOLD” with this month’s Stylebox.  (Wait for it – I was just punny….) Along with the exclusive sheets of Jamberry wraps, they’re also tucking in a Stylebox exclusive set of Metallic tattoos!  Girly-girl swoon.

Just like past months’ Stylebox designs, you can only get it by subscribing!

Jamberry has changed their approach to Stylebox this year, making it so that the subscription service is extra special for subscribers.  You can’t get the designs anywhere else in the catalog and they’ve been offering some really fab sneak peeks at new products – and giving some major freebies like this month!

What do YOU think??  I LOVE the golden shimmer – it’s going to be so fun to play around with once my sear-your-eyes-paleness gets a little less….harsh.

Want to subscribe?  Find out more about it HERE! 

May Stylebox Unboxing!

The May Stylebox has arrived in all of its shiny, silvery, spring glory!

Remember – only available to lucky peeps that subscribe by MAY 15th!!

Find it at my shop HERE.  Just click on “Stylebox” and take take the fun style quiz – then sit back and wait for the happy mail to arrive!

What do you think of Jamberry’s May Stylebox?  Nailed it or Failed it??

Let me know in the comments – are you into this month’s designs??

Shiny Metallic Matte. Wait. What?

Jamberry’s May Stylebox introduces a brand-new “finish” to their huge beauty arsenal – and it’s only for Stylebox subscribers!

It’s Metallic.  It’s Matte.  Wait. What?

"This Ore That" by Jamberry - Subscribe by May 15th!
“This Ore That” by Jamberry – Subscribe by May 15th!

The May Stylebox arrived in my mailbox today.  Happy dance!!  (Along with yet another XFinity promo.  Those people are RELENTLESS, amiright?)  I love the subscription service – worth it just for the happy mail day on a monthly basis 🙂

The design this month introduces a brand new “finish” for Jamberry – adding it to the other options of glossy, matte, metallic/glimmer, sparkle, and clear.  It truly is a combination of metallic and matte.  The shine is a bit more subtle than the full-on metallic or glimmer wraps, but it absolutely shows through.  And depending on the angle of the light, it looks like a totally different design/color!   Really fun – especially for an accent or two in an otherwise-neutral manicure!  Also, polka dots.  I love me some polka dots!

Like the Shiny/Metallic/Matte Look?  Just want in on the fun??

The cut-off for this month’s design is coming up soon (as in a matter of DAYS, people!).  If you’re interested (and who wouldn’t be?? It’s a bargain, it’s an exclusive product, AND it’s a product premiere!), subscribe by the 15th for *these* designs!

Click HERE to find out more about the subscription, what you’re guaranteed to get, and the FREE shipping perks!

Sneak Peek into May’s StyleBox

Who’s ready for a sneak peek into Jamberry’s May Stylebox? 

Check out this video showing us the BRAND NEW “Satin” finish that Jamberry is rolling out!


1.  Sure, I could do without the MomJeans Brand shorts in the opening style.

2.  But the POLKAS!!  Love me some polka dots.  And they’re shiny!!

3.  I love that Jamberry has been rewarding Stylebox subscribers by giving them sneak peeks into brand new products!

Love what you see in the Sneak Peek into May’s Stylebox?

There are a few things to know about Jamberry’s subscription service.  First, if you like *this* month’s designs, you’ll need to sign up before the 15th of the month.  Otherwise, your subscription will start with NEXT month’s fabulous surprises.  Second, Jamberry has recently changed the products included.  Instead of only ONE subscriber-exclusive product, the Jamberry products inside (the designs, the freebies, etc.), are ONLY available to Stylebox subscribers.

You’ll always get at least $30 of JamSwag in each Stylebox (it’s usually closer to around $40-$45) for the $25/month subscription, plus free shipping.  Winner, winner!

My favorite thing about Stylebox?  I know that at least once a month, I’ll have a happy little moment at the mailbox!!


Want your own Happy Mail day in May??  You better believe you do after watching the Sneak Peek into May’s Stylebox!  Take the fun “Signature Style” Quiz, see more Stylebox videos, and sign up HERE!