The FINAL Throwback Thursday – Preview the Awesomeness!

Check out the #TBT!

Okay friends.  This is the LAST Throwback Thursday of the Summer.  And it’s HUGE.  Keep breathing.  Stay with me.

Shut up and take my money.

These two designs were the two highest-requested designs when customers were asked which designs they’d like to have available for this summer’s #TBT fun!  Check out the pictures below of Holographic – the “official” Jamberry picture really doesn’t do it justice!
Purple Silver Criss Cross 2 Holographic HOlographic Lost RuinsThese designs are ONLY available for a few DAYS.  DAYS, people!  Don’t miss out on your second chance at the sparkly unicorns of happiness, also known as – Holographic and Purple and Silver CrissCross!

Find them HERE!

Throwback Thursday is Here Again!

Throwback Thursday

Only a few days to get your hands on these! Or, rather, only a few days to get these on your HANDS!

Throwback Thursday – and they NAILED IT! 

I LOVE these two designs that Jamberry re-released for this week’s “Throwback Thursday” offering!  There was a little hint to consultants way-back-when that these might be offered, so I’m pretty happy that the teaser came true!

TBT Pinwheel and Fuschia Houndstooth Pinwheel and Fierce Fuschia

These will be available starting at 10 CENTRAL at my shop site:  These would also look fabulous with Fierce Fuchsia, one of the sparkle-finish designs, as well as Kiss Me Ombre, one of the retiring designs!  Have an Alabama Football/ Bear Bryant fan in your house?? Fuchsia Houndstooth is a ultra-feminine way to play up the houndstooth on game day!

Are you ready to Throwback to the Vibrant Pinwheel and Fuchsia Houndstooth?   Check them out HERE! 

Throwback Thursday – AKA – Jamberry is Going to Break the Internet.

It’s Jamberry’s “Throwback Thursday” again – and this time they brought out the big guns!

Throwback Thursday – Candy Chevron and Swiss Dot Powder Blue

TBT Candy Chevron

Fair warning:  Jamberry just may break the internet today at 9AM Mountain Time.  Why?  CANDY. FRIGGIN’. CHEVRON.  This is the design that you need for summer.  Forget all of those other gorgeous designs and lacquers for a few minutes.  Candy Chevron is the cutest pedi you’ll ever give yourself in 10 minutes, the most cheerful manicure you can have on a gloomy day, and chevron nails without a price tag or putting Scotch Tape all over your nails in an epic Pinterest Fail.

Check it:

Candy CHevron Confetti Cake
Candy Chevron with Confetti Cake

And check it out paired with the Kiss Lacquer! (The best hot pink polish you can find!)

Candy Chevron with Kiss Lacquer

Then, not only did they bring out one of my all-time favorite designs for this week’s Throwback Thursday, they also brought out the uber-cute Swiss Dot Blue Powder & (say that five times fast!)

Swiss Blue Dot Poppy

This is the kind of cutesy polka dot that you can actually wear as an adult.  The blue is pretty without being babyish and the poppy polka gives it interest and an unexpected color.  Jamberry at it’s best – and you didn’t have to sit in a spa for hours while someone used a dotting tool at $1 per polka.

Honestly, the first time around for Throwback Thursday, I wasn’t wowed.  Skinny Koi?  Meh.  Aloha?  Meh.

But this week.  THIS WEEK.  I LOVE the designs – and can’t believe they’ll only be available for a few days!!! Be ready – at 9AM Mountain Time, I’ll see you at  I’ll be the one with the shopping cart FULL of Throwback Thursday wraps!

**Act fast!  These designs are only available for a few days!  They disappear from the website again on May 25th!  Gah!!***

Throwback Thursdays – Now with 100% More Jamberry Nails

Aloha and Koi ThrowbackGet ready for the first ever Jamberry Nails Throwback Thursday!

Jamberry is a FUN company to work for as a consultant.  They maintain a really fresh catalog of designs, offer fun incentives and trips, and they really do try and stay current as far as social media trends and pop culture.  So with everyone and their grandmother posting pictures of what happened last week and tagging it “TBT,” Jamberry is entering the Throwback game in a major way.

Throwback Thursday - Website

Every other Thursday from now until the end of summer, Jamberry is going to re-release a design that had been “retired,” but for ONLY four days.  Make sure you sign up for the newsletter or follow the blog – it’s going to be a FAST and FURIOUS turnaround and you won’t want to miss out on the announcements!  This is a Throwback Thursday trend that you can really sink your nails into.  (Ha!  See what I did there??)

The very first Throwback Thursday with Jamberry is all about summer – say “Aloha” to “Skinny Koi” – and bring on the look of the tropics!

Check out today’s design HERE!!!