February Stylebox

I’ve said it a few times, but if you KNOW you love Jamberry, Stylebox is the WAY TO GO.  And if you’re just trying it, Stylebox is the way to go.

First: It’s a deal.  You get more product than it would cost to buy it all separately.

Second: That whole “What’s your style?” quiz finally means something, unlike the MLB All-Star game.  The winner actually determines what comes in your box.  Each category gets different stuff.  (You can pre-select each month in case there’s a pretty amazing something-or-other in a different category.)

Third: For those of us in this world that have trouble looking like we’ve even SEEN a fashion magazine, Stylebox is like a little Fashion Fairy delivered to your mailbox every month.  The products go together, come with tips for wearing them, etc.

And last.  The biggest reason to subscribe:  FREE SHIZZ.  Every couple of months there’s a major bonus product – either an extra bottle of lacquer, eye shadow, lipstick, or extra sheet of wraps.  In January, it was a voucher for 2 free Chatbooks.  So yeah – the swag is worth it.

The February Stylebox has a magical freebie in it:


Shyeah.  Did you see that “Shattered Glass” stuff?  That design that looked like unicorn tears running down the windows on the Barbie Dreamhouse?  That’s this month’s freebie, and you can only get it in the February Stylebox.

Stylebox Information, Quiz, and Details HERE! 

The WAY Overdue TruShine Review!

I’ve had the TruShine gel enamel system since July, when consultants were allowed to purchase at the National Conference.  I’m really glad I did – it’s given me time to trouble-shoot, try out different combinations and colors, and get the removal process perfected – all before it was released to the public.

Here’s my review from application through removal!

First, a confession.  I LOVE the Jamberry wraps.  I love the designs, which I would never be able to achieve on my own.  But the wraps with the sparkle finish just never lasted very long for me.  After about a week, they just didn’t look great.  I’ve never had issues with any of the other designs or finishes – JUST the sparkle wraps.  So that was my first real test of the gel system: layering it OVER a sparkly wrap and seeing if it actually helped them last longer.

Applying Jamberry’s TruShine Enamel over Jamberry Wraps

1.  Apply the Jamberry Nail Wraps:

So much easier than you think.  And a lot less time-consuming than you’d think, too! First, apply your Jamberry nail wraps as you normally would.  Remember – prep is essential!  Make sure you get all of the oils off of your cuticles, nail beds, and hands before applying.  Also, and this is **especially important** for layering the gel over the wraps, make sure you can see a bit of your nail all along the edge of the wrap.  Don’t let any of the wrap touch your skin, or you WILL get lifting.

2.  Lightly Buff the tops and tips of the wraps.

Seriously – just do it 🙂 The gel needs a little somethin’ to grip and adhere too.  If you’re applying the gel enamel directly to your nails, you STILL need to buff your nails.  Then, wipe your nails with an alcohol wipe or cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol.  This cleans any dust and oils that may have accumulated while you were prepping and buffing.

3.  Apply the TruShine BASE coat.

Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle – which includes shaking it to mix the enamel inside.  Then, taking care to only paint your nail bed and leaving room around your cuticles, apply one THIN coat of the TruShine base coat.  This is VERY important for getting a long-lasting gel manicure that will cure properly – you MUST use THIN coats.  “Cap” the tips of your nails to create a strong seal all along the tips.  Don’t skip this step- it really does cut down on the chips and increase the durability of your manicure.  Wipe off any excess around your cuticles or under your nails with an orange stick.

Cure the base coat in the Jamberry LED-light for 45 seconds/  (The light will automatically turn off.)

4.  If using a color coat, apply the color enamel.

If you’re applying the TruShine over nail wraps, you’ll skip this step.  If you’re using one of the TruShine color coats, apply one THIN coat, capping the tips as you did when applying the base coat.   Again, wipe off any excess with an orange stick and then cure.   Apply additional coats until the desired color is achieved, curing after each color coat.  

5. Apply the TruShine Top Coat.

This is the step that you will have to REALLY concentrate on getting thin coats.  The top coat is a thicker formula than both the base and color coats, so just be aware of that as you’re applying.  Cure the top coat in the light.

6.  Wipe!  Go ahead – it’s okay!

It won’t smear.  After you’ve cured the top coat, you’re ready to wipe off the “tackiness” and be left with an extremely glossy, rock-hard manicure.  I like to use the Jamberry alcohol wipes (they come in the kit!).  If you don’t have them, a lint-free cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

My “Cosmos” nail wraps on Day 2. The Jamberry Base and Top coats made them extra glossy – and NO lifting at all on the tips!
Cosmic Ice Cream
Day 11 or 12 – I can’t remember which! I just remember that it was an ice cream sandwich kind of day 😉

Pro Tips for Application:

  1.  Shake the bottle!
  2. Apply thin coats – three thin coats look much better and cure more evenly than a couple of thick coats.
  3. Apply start-to-finish with your fingers, THEN go back and do your thumbs together.  This way your thumbs don’t cure at an angle in the light, as they would if you tried to do your entire hand at the same time.
  4. Use the Jamberry light.  While other lights may cure the polish to the right hardness, other lights may cause the TruShine gel to shrink or discolor.
  5. Applying the base and top coats over Jamberry wraps makes the wraps last up to two weeks longer – and makes removal EASY and gentle.

Removing Your Jams when UNDER TruShine Gel Enamel.

*** This method will ONLY work when you have Jamberry wraps on your nails, under the gel.  If you have gel directly on your nail beds, please check out my first post on the removal process! 

I’ve posted this video before, but here it is with the rest of my review.  This is what I REALLY loved, and why I’m a true believer in the TruShine product now.  As I said before, the sparkle wraps just never worked as well for me.  They lifted at the tips after a week or so and occasionally I’d snag my hair in the edges.  I NEVER had this issue with any of the other styles.

With the TruShine layered on top, I got two weeks of wear from these Cosmos sparkly wraps, which I changed ONLY because I got bored.  SOLD.

Are you Ready for the Catalog Premiere??

Jamberry’s Fall/Winter Catalog Premieres TODAY! 

See the new designs, updated styles, and check out all of the NEW PRODUCT options available as of RIGHT NOW.  **Girly shriek**

Want a little taste of what’s to come in today’s CATALOG PREMIERE?

Check out this little teaser-trailer!

Find all of the new designs and products, including that little ol’ Jamberry TruShine gel enamel system I’ve been raving about RIGHT HERE!

Removing Jamberry Wraps – Even When Layered with GEL!

Does the gel damage your nails? Do the wraps damage your nails?  How do you take them off?

I get these questions all the time from people who are curious about Jamberry products, but haven’t given them a try yet. Lately, I’ve been absolutely hooked on layering the Jamberry wraps with the TruShine gel enamel system.  I love the look of the wraps, the extra durability and strength from the gel, and the ease of removal.

That’s right – an EASY removal with a gel manicure.  What?

Here’s the secret!  Love a Jamberry design?  Put in on FIRST like a normal Jamicure, then apply the TruShine base and top coats as normal – layered OVER the wraps.  You get a diamond-hard glossy top coat that will protect your nails – and still be a gorgeous and fun manicure.

Then, because you’ve layered the gel on the WRAP, and not your nail bed, you can remove the whole shebang just like removing wraps.  I tested it out after hearing about this magic – check it out!

MAGIC.  Take a look at my nails after I’ve removed the wraps.  No flaking, no white spots, no cracks.  Like I said in the video, there are very few things that I really try to “upsell,” as most people call it.  Orange sticks?  Get them at a drugstore.  Rubbing alcohol wipes?  Same.  Buy ’em in bulk.  But the LACQUER REMOVER.  It’s WORTH it.  When I use Jamberry’s lacquer remover, my nails are healthy, strong, and moisturized.  The wraps come off in seconds with no resistance or pulling.  It’s acetone-free, so it’s not drying on my cuticles.  If there’s ONE product that you COULD get elsewhere on the cheap but SHOULDN’T, it’s the lacquer remover.  Trust, girls.  Trust.  You can find it here!

So there you have it! An easy damage-free way to wear gel, have the look that only Jamberry can give you, all while saving money by doing it at home!

Remember – this is JUST for when you’re wearing the gel on top of your Jams, NOT when you have the gel directly on your nails. ***If you have a straight-up gel-only TruShine manicure, you’ll need to follow the soak-off removal process that I’ve shown you before.  It takes about 10 minutes – and is WORTH it to be able to do it at home, with zero damage, and the only person you have to tip is yourself!! ***

Stay Tuned!

Want more info on the TruShine and Fall Catalog release?   More video tutorials?  Sign up HERE for the newsletter and get subscriber-exclusive promos, tips, and tricks!  

Sail Away – Stylebox Subscription Service!

Like getting fun mail every month?  Are you a fan of StitchFix, BirchBox, or the Ipsy bag?

The Stylebox Subscription Service is for YOU!

kawaii-happy-mail-700x700There are several things that I LOOOOVE about Stylebox.

First and foremost: Happy Mail.  Sure, most of our bill are e-bills now, but it’s still fun to go to the mailbox and get something other than catalogs, coupon packs, and the daily realtor postcards.  (Daily.)

The second thing I love about Jamberry’s Stylebox is that the products inside are all exclusive.  You can ONLY get what’s in the box by being a subscriber.  It’s a fun little treat in a world of “every girl here is wearing the exact same dress from Target…” experiences.  It just makes you FEEL special to GET something special!!

The third thing I love about Stylebox: The suggestions for how to wear it.  I’m a Jam-loving, crazy-color lady.  But sometimes I really just don’t know how to mix-and-match without looking like a preschooler did my nails.  (And let’s be honest; a lot of time a preschooler HAS picked out my jams….)  Every month Jamberry sends out a YouTube video with all of the combos they suggest, as well as to do given the look that you’re trying to achieve.  Here’s this month’s!

One of the VERY best parts goes back to the exclusivity.  Jamberry tries out new products very often, or just rewards their subscribers with a little something extra.  In January, they threw in an amazingly pink pouty lipstick.  Another month we got nail art stencils.  My favorite is when there’s a catalog change coming – you get to be the first to get your hands on the new designs.  Jamberry sends EXCLUSIVE samples from the new catalog – which you can only get in the Stylebox.  Jackpot.

Lastly – I like that the plan is flexible.  A ton of subscription services make you sign up for a full year or 6 months.  With Stylebox, you can do 3, 6, or 12 month plans – with month-to-month subscriptions when your plan is over if you want to keep going!

This month’s Stylebox is “Sail Away.” Nautical blues and a nod to summer sailing make this a super cute way to send off summer!  Only available to order until August 15th – so you need to act fast!! 
Sail Away StyleboxYup.  Cute.  Are you a subscriber?? What do you think about this month’s Stylebox by Jamberry??

June Stylebox – Now with 100% more Metallic Tattoos!

All over fashion mags, in stores, even on Zulily this Spring, I’m seeing Metallic temporary tattoos and “temporary jewelry” – like gorgeous glimmery-glittery temporary tattoos for grown ups.  I can’t believe I wrote that sentence.   But I’m excited about it!

Tell me there’s glimmer and I’m sold.

Jamberry has absolutely “brought home the GOLD” with this month’s Stylebox.  (Wait for it – I was just punny….) Along with the exclusive sheets of Jamberry wraps, they’re also tucking in a Stylebox exclusive set of Metallic tattoos!  Girly-girl swoon.

Just like past months’ Stylebox designs, you can only get it by subscribing!

Jamberry has changed their approach to Stylebox this year, making it so that the subscription service is extra special for subscribers.  You can’t get the designs anywhere else in the catalog and they’ve been offering some really fab sneak peeks at new products – and giving some major freebies like this month!

What do YOU think??  I LOVE the golden shimmer – it’s going to be so fun to play around with once my sear-your-eyes-paleness gets a little less….harsh.

Want to subscribe?  Find out more about it HERE! 

The Basic Application for Jamberry Nail Wraps

Because everyone’s nails, nail beds, and skin are different, there are hundreds of ways to “tweak” your application when applying your Jams to get the “best” Jamicure for YOU.  When you’re first practicing and trying out the wraps, the best thing is to start simple!

If you’re just starting with Jamberry Nail Wraps, start with the Basic Application

This is a SHORT video showing the most basic application method – and it’s actually Jamberry’s recommended method.  It’s fast, easy, and when done correctly, will ensure that your gorgeous manicure lasts for up to two weeks (or more!).

Step-By-Step For the Basic Jamberry Application

  1. Nail prep – Don’t skip it!  Wash your hands with dish soap, swipe them with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any oils or lotions that just won’t LET IT GO.  Get ’em clean, dry, and oil-free!
  2. Push back your cuticles.  Trust.  It takes a couple of minutes, but means the difference between your Jams lasting two days and two weeks.  **This is the main reason why your wraps will lift, peel off, or not get a good seal!**
  3. Size Matters – Pick the wrap that’s slightly SMALLER than your nail so that it doesn’t overlap your cuticles or skin.
  4. Cut it in half, heat it up.
  5. Place it on your nail, rounded edge against your cuticle, but not touching.
  6. Press down and smooth it out like your life depends on it.  Or, the life of your manicure.
  7. Let it cool.  (DON’T SKIP!  The wrap stretches a bit when warm – as it cools, it will shrink a tiny bit – and you don’t want to be filing when it’s still warm!)
  8. File of the excess by filing straight down.
  9. Flaunt what Jamberry gave ya.

Have super curved nails?  Dome-shaped nails? Be sure to follow the blog over the next few weeks! 

I’ll be posting short how-tos of several little “tweaks” that you can add in to your application to get the best application for you!

May Stylebox Unboxing!

The May Stylebox has arrived in all of its shiny, silvery, spring glory!

Remember – only available to lucky peeps that subscribe by MAY 15th!!

Find it at my shop HERE.  Just click on “Stylebox” and take take the fun style quiz – then sit back and wait for the happy mail to arrive!

What do you think of Jamberry’s May Stylebox?  Nailed it or Failed it??

Let me know in the comments – are you into this month’s designs??

Treat Yo’Self – with this 1-2 Pampering Punch!

One of the common questions I get about Jamberry Nails is, “But don’t you like going to the salon? It’s so nice to just do for yourself!”  Nope.  With the nail and hand care products from Jamberry in the new Spring Catalog, you can give yourself an indulgent manicure AT HOME – with salon-quality results!  The trick is to use the right tools and the right products, in the right way!

Here’s how you Treat Yo’Self with the Jamberry Nails 1-2 Punch: 

Treat Yo Self 2First: Nail Prep.  Using Jamberry’s Lacquer Remover and Cuticle Remover Pen, you can prepare and clean your nails to a silky blank canvas.  Jamberry’s Lacquer Remover is AH-MAZING.  I’ve heard other girls talking about it on my team and wondered if it could live up to their hype.  Yup.  The packing is really great – the pump-top helps speed things along and keeps my clumsiness a non-issue.  The remover doesn’t have the overpowering scent that most do (my husband basically wants to leave the State of Illinois when I take polish off of my nails with regular remover), and it works FAST.  Like lightning fast.  And check out just how easy it is to remove your Jamberry wraps with it!!

Next, and this is a crucial step: cuticle care!  We’re all blessed with cuticles, some more mangled than others.  (Like mine.) Even if you’re just using a nail lacquer or polish and not Jamberry wraps, this is step not to be skipped if you want all of your hard work to last!!  Pushing back or removing your cuticles – whether you can see them or not, will reap huge rewards when it comes to the longevity of your Jams or polish!

I tried Jamberry’s new Cuticle Remover Pen for the first time this week.  I’m IMPRESSED.  Shout-Caps-Lock-IMPRESSED.  My nails actually look like I’ve just been to the spa for some serious manicure intervention.   If you’ve never used a cuticle remover before, here’s how to do it, the Jamberry way:

How to Use the Jamberry Cuticle Remover Pen

Second: Indulge your Hands.  Using Jamberry’s Cuticle Oil and the Indulgence Hand Care line, moisturize and cleanse your hands with rich and luxurious emollients.  This is the biggest reason why I don’t miss the salon.  Well, other than not having to tip, find a baby-sitter, hope that the pedicure baths have been cleaned this year, and above all, the price tag.  So I guess there are a lot of things I don’t miss about the salon.  But…this is a big one!

Jamberry’s Indulgence Hand Care line is nothing short of it’s name: Indulgent!  My favorite is the “Buff” sugar scrub, which has coconut oil as it’s main ingredient.  It leaves my hands silky and soft – and even after several post diaper-change hand-washings, I can still feel how moisturized my hands are.  A huge number of my customers are in love with the “Nourish” hand cream – my go-to gift for this most recent holiday season.  (Have I mentioned how much I love the consultant discount??  Gift shopping just got a whole lot cheaper!).  Replace a trip to the salon with the Buff and Nourish – for manis and pedis- and you’ll be a believer!

  Indulgence Nourish Promo

There you have it – my “recipe” to treat yo’self to a pampering Jamberry Nails session. I haven’t missed the salon experience once since my sister-in-law introduced me to the Jamberry way o’ life.  And to be perfectly honest, I have NEVER found those massage chairs comfortable – and I end up with the massage rollers stuck mid-shoulder blade.  Nope – don’t miss it.

Find the Indulgence Boxed Set and Nourish Hand Cream Here!

Find all of the Nail Care Products – Cuticle Remover, Lacquer Remover, and Cuticle Oils here!