Beautiful Reasons to Be Happy – Your Weekly Dose of Sunshine and Rainbows

THere are so mnay beautiful reasonsI LOVE this image.  It’s so true – even on the worst days when I *think* I brushed my hair, my kids are screaming because one of them *looked* at the other, and I really don’t think I’ll be doing much else besides plug my ears, close my eyes, and hope the laundry goes away.  (Pro Tip:  That trick doesn’t work.  Ever.)  Laundry Fairy

But…my kids are healthy and happy, I’d be able to brush my hair if I remembered to do it, and my kids have enough clothes that the laundry *can* pile up and they’ll still not be naked.  (Except for those random times when they just combust into nakedness.  HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???)

So Thursday was one of those days for me. But then yesterday… I checked my office site.  That Walk MS Fundraiser?? It ended up raising $95 dollars in less than a week for my friend Erica’s 5K team.  Then, one of my brand-new teammates, a stay-at-home-mom with two boys, a full-time job, and a fierce love for Jams got her first customer – just by showing how much *she* loved the product.  Then… my kids hugged on their dad, said some really funny stuff, and collapsed into silly giggles – my favorite sound in the world.  AND – It was Pizza Day at school, so I didn’t even have to make a sack lunch.  Not a world-shaking day, but a really nice one!! 

So… Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that helped with the Walk MS Fundraiser, congrats to my girl Brandi for getting a fantastic start with Jamberry, and thank you from the bottom of my heart to the elementary school classes for scheduling a Pizza Day for the preschoolers.

Walk MS Jamberry Fundraiser for Tina’s Troopers!!!s

*image from
*image from

I’m so excited to be helping with a Walk MS Jamberry Fundraiser! When we lived out in Connecticut, one of my best friends (shout out to E-Unit!) was involved in the Walk MS event every April. In honor of her cousin with MS, my friend Erica “coaches” and helps organize the team “Tina’s Troopers.”  Every year Erica has gotten more and more involved with the organization and fundraising aspects and the team’s participation and dedication has been incredibly inspiring to see!

ArrowI asked Erica to tell me why the Walk MS Jamberry Fundraiser and the Walk MS cause in particular are so important to her.

In Erica’s words, “We walk for (my) cousin, Tina, who has been fighting MS for many years. I first heard about Walk MS in 2005 and decided to walk with my mom and aunt. Since then we have been building our MS walk team and as well as participating in various MS events all to raise money to try and find a cure for this debilitating disease. Not only is the cause dear to my heart, but the people at the MS Society make it even more rewarding with their kindness, enthusiasm and dedication.”

For the Walk MS Jamberry Fundraiser, 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Team Tina’s Troopers for the MS Walk event this April.  Want to have pretty nails AND feel GREAT about your purchase??  Order in the fundraiser and 20% will go to the National MS Society!

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