It’s not for every gal, but it IS for me.

Who got through the holidays and sort of forgot to go back to “work”?

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This is maybe my second extended hiatus – the first one ended after I went to JamCon2015 and felt all sorts of amazing feels relating to all things Jamberry.   This time, it was another girl on my team just reminding me how much fun our team is, how nice it is to spoil our littles with treats every now and then and not feel guilty for it.


PLUS – I took Amelia to the nail salon for a “Mommy and Me” manicure – and it DESTROYED my nails.  I cheated on Jams and I paid for it.  But now… I’m BACK, babies!!


Which leads me to this post:

Jamberry: It’s not for every gal, but it IS for me.

I know that not everyone loves Jamberry – either the nail wraps, the gels, the lacquers.  Trust me – from some of the comments on this page to some of the nastier guests at parties, I get it.  There are a ton of things out there that I have the same vitriolic response to when I try them (albeit a lot quieter since I’m afraid to piss anyone off by saying, “Uh – thanks, but Shakeology made me want to die fat.”)

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Image Credit: Oh My Deer Paper Gifts and Hand Lettering on Etsy.  Go there.  The stuff is beautiful!  

So here’s my take on it.

The nail wraps work for me.  They didn’t work perfectly at first and I had some major trial-and-error, but they work.  I don’t have time or money to go to a salon, and I don’t have the time or talent to do the nail art for myself.  Plus, my kid LOVES the Jamberry Juniors.

Remember that “Mommy and Me” manicure I just mentioned?  Amelia’s lasted two days.  DAYS.  Her shortest Jamicure has lasted over a full week.  (Her record is three weeks: the Halloween peacocks.)

Here’s *why* I think they worked for me:


  1.  I didn’t give up after my first try (when I honestly thought, “well, this is kind of a bust.”)  I had three packages of the silly things, so I just kept practicing.  I’d already paid for all of it, I might as well see if I could get them to work.
  2. I use the Jamberry mini-heater.  Yes, they work with a blowdryer.  Yes, you *could* hold them in front of the vent in the car while blasting full-heat.  For me – those things didn’t work, were cumbersome, or sent everything on the kitchen table blowing across the room.  That, my friends, did *not* work for me.
  3. I make sure to leave a small gap around the edges of my nails (along the cuticles), so I know for sure that the Jams aren’t overlapping any skin.  That’s the Kiss O’ Death for nail wraps.
  4. I have fun with it.  I don’t take it too seriously.  I have fun with my team.  I’m not trying to be the next Queen of the Jam World Exec.  I’m just trying to pay for pizza night.

Advice for Success with Jamberry:

First, have fun.  If you like the idea, keep trying it out.

Second, buy the mini-heater.  If you end up not liking Jamberry after trying them with that, you can always use it as a hand warmer!


But mostly, if you find you don’t like them, that’s totally fine.  Just be careful when you go to a salon and make sure you go for the gentlest options for removal.  Pick 5-free formulas.  Supports some of the amazing nail-art peeps that make Instagram such a fantastic place.





98 and Counting!

I started this whole crazy Jamberry business just a year ago.  I NEVER thought I’d host a party, build a team, or really, do anything other than use the discount to buy Jams for my kiddo.  Which is one of the reasons I didn’t come up with a “serious” team name – I never DREAMED my little team of like-minded women would be at this level!

98And now Team Sparklepants is at 98 Team Members… And Counting! 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about buying Jamberry products at a discounted rate, earning a little bit of extra spending money, or even paying your mortgage, give me a shout.  I’d LOVE to have you join our team of motivated, kind, hilarious, and driven women.  I joined for the discount and just to have a social outlet.  I’ve stayed because of the amazing success I know is possible, the fun, and the family atmosphere that my team has.  If you’ve ever felt like you needed a fresh new project, THIS is it!!

Twenty-eight Different Reasons. And Counting.

One of the executives on my team asked us this question the other day: “Why did you join Jamberry?”

We all love the same product – but we’re all here for different reasons.

She got hundreds of responses.  She put them all together for us to see the variety of people on our team, our different motivations, and that the opportunity that we have with this company provides something for everyone, regardless of our differences.

Why join Jamberry

At this point, my own motivation is a mix of about 10 of these.  My biggest one – to have something fun for myself that ALSO helps my family.  Have you ever thought about being a part of Jamberry or another direct-sales company?  What’s the motivation behind YOUR desire to take a chance?

Australia and New Zealand – Are you Ready??

Jamberry is heading South – as in the Southern Hemisphere! 

Jamberry is gearing up for a MAJOR international launch – into Australia and New Zealand!  Have friends and family that have been wanting to order, but couldn’t yet?  Know an Aussie or Kiwi that would love a little extra bit o’ fancy in her life?  Or are YOU ready to join the Jamily?  This is an AMAZING opportunity to join at the VERY FIRST LEVEL of an expanding company.  The only way to go is UP!  I’d love to chat with you about the possibilities and timeline for the launch!

19741493112_18bbc45dd1_b 19560745990_00b2aed560_b

Lessons Learned from JamCon – (a.k.a. Girls’ Week Away!)

I spent a huge part of last week at the Jamberry International Conference at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.  I went with my sister-in-law, a handful of gals from our immediate team, and 5000 of my closest Jam Friends.  Here’s what I’m taking from the experience!

  • The Gaylord Texan is ENORMOUS.  It’s quite possibly the size of my hometown when I was a kid.  There was a RIVERWALK.  With a “real” river.  (Ahem – man-made.)  The picture below?  It doesn’t even show the gargantuan glass atrium, complete with bell tower, the water park, or a huge portion of the convention center.   You can work off your margarita(s) just by trying to find your room.  And that water park?  You have to take a SHUTTLE to get to it because the property is so big.
  • Gaylord Texan
    The Gaylord Texan Pic:

    wA good lazy river is better than therapy.  We showed up after an insanely early flight out of Chicago (hat tip: United Airlines!).  I was coming off of a few manic days with my kiddos, who were beyond excited that their grandparents were watching them while I was gone and my husband was at work.  Candy-store levels of excitement.  Which means I was certifiable levels of crazy.

    But that lazy river… We stopped for lunch (nachos – see below) and immediately made our way over there.  Via hotel shuttle, because TEXAS!! After hanging on the inner tube for a few trips around, I became a normal person again.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my little babies to the moon and back.  And I was expecting to feel guilt-beyond-measure about being away.  The lazy river solved that one.  (Until my sis saw a couple of cute redheads that reminded her of her boys she left home, at which point we jumped back in the tubes and did our water therapy a little longer.

    Pro Tip:  If you go, there are some MAJOR jets and waterfalls going on at this attraction.  So keep your wits about you.  You’ve been warned.

Lazy River
The Gaylord Texan Lazy River Pic:
  • You can in fact laugh until your core muscles refuse to hold your body upright.  Hot Jam – you can take the girls to a professional event, but you can’t make them act like grown-ups.
  • Our CEO is a pretty awesome person to be leading a company filled with moms.  Most people familiar with Jamberry know that it was founded by three sisters who wanted an at-home option for no-chip manicures.  Some people even know that the husband of one of the sisters, Adam Hepworth,  is our CEO.  I had heard him speak several times via leader calls and YouTube videos on our dashboard, so I knew he came across as a very likeable and approachable person.  He and his wife have a newborn little boy, who made the trip from Utah to Dallas with them for conference.

    At one of the meetings on leadership, he was scheduled to give our presentation.  But… his wife was exhausted and occupied and the baby was asleep in his stroller.  So he did what any dad would do: He walked that kid back and forth in the stroller to keep him from waking up.  You know the drill.  Except he did it while addressing the leaders of the organization, many of whom happen to be moms.

    Check it out:

    (Photo Courtesy of S. Normand)
    (Photo Courtesy of S. Normand)
  • NACHOS.  Seriously.  If you ever go to the Gaylord, go to the Riverwalk Cantina and get the Nachos.  Wear your eating pants.  You can easily feed a couple of people with this plate of happiness.  Which is good, since the plate of happiness is kind of spendy.
  • Five-thousand women in one room learning about new products?  The loudest experience of my life.


  • My team of girls is inspiring, hilarious, and down-to-earth. I just wish my sis was in the picture – but she was busy being recognized at the EXECUTIVE dinner.  Holla!
  • PaJAMaPartyA 35th birthday should be spent dancing with your girlfriends.

    Birthday Selfie Suz and Meg

  • Or standing in line to ride a bull (I cannot express how thankful I am that the line was too long for it to actually happen.) Also – Peacock Jams!

    Suz at Denim Diamonds
    How this happened: “Hey! Let’s give Suz Jamberry Punch and challenge her to ride the mechanical bull!” – The most maniacal SIL in the world
  • Liquor licenses in Texas are either extremely lax or super easy to skirt around.

TX Liquor Laws are Interesting

Mostly, I learned that I can give over control to my hubs and everything will be perfect.  It reaffirmed that my sister-in-law is my best friend and I’m so happy to be doing this with her.  I learned that total strangers can become some really amazing friends.  And that a CEO will push a sleeping baby back-and-forth in a stroller while giving an important presentation.  Because Hell hath no fury like an awakened baby.

When asked, “What do you DO?”

As a stay-at-home-mom, I get asked quite a bit, “What do you do all day?”  Basically, I sit around on my fanny reading books while the fairies take care of cleaning my home.


We won’t even go there with this post.  But I ALSO get asked quite a bit as far as Jamberry is concerned.  My new favorite response:

Help feel pretty - college

So true.  Little tiny things can make us feel pretty – inside and out.  Having your hair done?  Makes you feel pretty on the outside, “with it” on the inside.  Same as a new outfit, a pair of trendy shoes, etc.  They all seem like superficial things, but they can also be huge confidence boosters.  I know when I take the extra minute to get out of my Mom-Uniform (yoga pants, flip flops, shirt one step above a tee…), I feel like the whole day is off to a good start. (My hubs says the same for just putting shoes on in the house.  That you’ll feel like you can get up and do “stuff.”)

Having my nails done does *that* for me – I feel a little more put together, I feel a little better about my appearance, and I feel like I made an effort for myself.  It’s small.  It’s tiny.  But it puts a smile on my face.

My life as a Stay-at-Home-Mom is equal parts fulfilling and frustrating.  On the same day that one kiddo learns to read, the other may, literally, bite me.   Or the little guy might have a great nap and wake up cuddly, while the big kiddo just wants to whine.  All. Day.  I’ve learned from my mom that I really do need to stop and focus on the good stuff – no matter how small!

It brings Glamour

And as to why Jamberry instead of a salon?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Interested?  Our Sneak Peek in the team is coming up.  Want to have nice nails, help pay for some “extras”, and have fun earning some side money?  Come at me, bro!

65. 65! SIXTY-FIVE!!

When I first joined Jamberry, I swore that I was only in it for the discount and that I’d probably never actually host a party.  Then I saw that the wraps *actually worked* as much as the hype and thought, “Okay – I’ll share this with a couple of friends.”  Then those couple of friends saw that the wraps *actually worked* as much as the hype (sensing a theme?) and joined up as well.

In October, I had an fun crew of three girls on my team – my cousin, my BFF, and a close family friend.  And I thought I was a TYCOON.  For the first time in a looooong time, I was helping to lead a team of people and I felt like a true grown-up again!

65 Team Members

But this month, just eight months into this crazy gig, my team is sitting at SIXTY-FIVE women and men, and I LOVE it!  It’s so fun to see these people taking on a new role, sharing something fun that they believe in, and just supporting one another on a daily basis.  So whatever coffee, tea, or OJ you’re drinking this morning, raise a glass and help me celebrate!

Glitter Polish Removal – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

One of the BIGGEST things that I like about Jamberry Nails are the sparkle wraps.  I LOVE me some glitter, especially glitter polish.  But have you ever tried getting that junk off of your hands??  It’s a battle royale, my friends.  It takes forever, you waste a ton of polish remover, and your bathroom smells like a chem lab for days.

Men will Never know Glitter polish Removing Glitter Polish

 Yup.  And then?  You’re constantly finding glitter all over yourself.  Because we all want to show up for work or preschool pick-up looking like we just got back from a rave.  But with Jamberry’s sparkle designs, you get all of the shimmer and FAB.U.LOUS. glitter effect, but they come off just the same as your other wraps – soak in oil or polish remover, swipe ’em off, repeat.  Done.

To me, this is one more reason to STOCK UP on both Love Spell and Shamrockin’ – my two favorites from the Fashionably Festive line that will be DISAPPEARING on April 15th!  ACK!  Just check out the GlitteryGlamness of it all!

love spellShamrockin Comparison

You can find all of the “Sparkle” finish wraps HERE.  

You can find the soon-to-be-gone-forever Jam-Love of my life HERE! 

The Layered Look – One Week Later!

Last weekend, my little girl asked for “Matching Fancy Fingers” (manicured nails); I took the chance to try out a few new Jamberry products and techniques – here’s your update!  The Layered Look still looks perfect – even a week later!  Leo Geo Lace Haute Pink TimeLapse

I’m actually pretty surprised that the layered Jamberry Nail wraps have lasted this long!  I was worried about the added edges being a recipe for lifting or not getting a good seal.  They’ve actually been just as perfect and budge-free as when I just wear one layer of Jams.  So… I’m pretty well sold on the clear wraps for adding a little extra somethin’ to a manicure!

Did you try layering your Jamberry nail wraps yet?  I’d love to see your pics!  It’s so fun to see all of the different combos!